A Sub Lord is a seraph who assists the Shepherd while working under the influence of the Prime Lord's power in Tales of Zestiria.


A Prime Lord and Sub Lord must make a pact before a seraph can work under the Prime Lord as a Sub Lord. A seraph cannot become a Sub Lord without a divine artifact, which influences the armatus when armatizing. Without a divine artifact, a seraph will not be able to armatize with a Shepherd. Divine artifacts function under elemental properties consisting of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. Each seraph has their own unique elemental property that falls under their control. A divine artifact will not work if the elements fail to match. For example, a Water-elemental artifact must be used by a Water-elemental seraph. A Sub Lord can armatize in the same manner as a Prime Lord.


The below table provides a visual for all known Sub Lords, as well as their corresponding elements.

Mikleo (tvtropes) Edna (tvtropes) Dezel (tvtropes) Zaveid (tvtropes) 1

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