Super Dhaos Laser (ToV)

Super Dhaos Laser as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Shin Dhaos Laser (ToVS)

Shin Dhaos Laser as it appears in Tales of VS.

Super Dhaos Laser (スーパーダオスレーザー Suupaadaosureezaa?) and Shin Dhaos Laser (真ダオスレーザー Shin Daosureezaa?, "True Dhaos Laser") are mystic arte upgrades to Dhaos's signature Dhaos Laser arte.

Arte Description and History

In most versions of both artes, Dhaos conjures a giant rune symbol, which he uses to launch blasts of each energy at the foe before ending with all four energies being launched as powerful beams. In Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X, the arte instead begins close to a normal Dhaos Laser. The arte continues for longer then normal before the output energy and resulting damage increase even more.

This attack is somewhat similar to Fragmented End in Tales of the Abyss, used by Nebilim during the Catalyst Weapons sidequest. It should be noted that Fragmented End never appeared in the Japanese version of Tales of the Abyss, and Dhaos's mystic arte has been speculated to be an intentional reference and apology for what Japanese players could not receive due to the rushed development that was required for Tales of the Abyss to be released in time for the 10th anniversary of the Tales series in Japan. However, this does not prove any direct connection between the two attacks, and they are considered to be unrelated with each other.


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Vesperia

Japanese Quote: ダオスレーザー!
Romanized Quote: Daosureezaa!
Localized Quote: "Dhaos Laser!"

Tales of VS.

Romanized Quote: Makuwo hikutoshio... Ukeyo! Korega saisei no kagayaki!