The Suppress (スポイル Supoiru?, "Spoil") artes are a set of supportive magic artes introduced in Tales of Hearts.

Arte Description and History

The Suppress artes all cause a decrease in a specific stat to a single target. They often appear as a dark-colored version of the supportive arte they invert. They are as follows:

  • Suppress Weapon (スポイル・ウェポン Supoiru Wepon?, "Spoil Weapon"), which decrease the physical attack stat.
  • Suppress Armor (スポイル・アーマー Supoiru Aamaa?, "Spoil Armor"), which decreases the physical defense stat.
  • Suppress Mind (スポイル・マインド Supoiru Maindo?, "Spoil Mind"), which decreases the arte attack stat.
  • Suppress Aura (スポイル・レジスト Supoiru Rejisuto?, "Spoil Resist"), which decreases the arte defense stat.


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