Sylphystia (シルフィスティア Shirufisutia?, "Sylphis Tear") is a mystic arte related to Wind-elemental spiritual beings in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

Sylphystia began as the mystic arte extension to Fearful Storm in Tales of Destiny 2. It summons the Spirit of Wind, Sylph, to strike with cutting winds and then blow them way with tornadoes. In this form, it is similar to the Sylph arte. Reala takes it with her in her appearance in the Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, where it is depicted as a swirling tempest around her. Sylphystia is then used by Sorey and Rose while they undergo armatization with Dezel or Zaveid, seraphim associated with the Wind element. The user flies into the sky and summons a storm of blades, which they shoot at the enemies down below. They then create a triangular crest on the ground, exploding it in a burst of wind.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny 2

User: Reala
Japanese Quote: 我が呼び掛けに答えよ! 舞い降りし疾風の御子よ! 我らに仇なす, 意思を切り裂かん!
Romanized Quote: Waga yobikake ni kotaeyo! Maiorishi shippuu no miko yo, warera ni adanasu, ishi o kirisakan![1]

Tales of Zestiria

User: Wind Armatus: Sorey/Rose + Dezel/Zaveid
Japanese Quote: 我が翼は碧天!天を覆うは処断の翠刃!シルフィスティア!
Romanized Quote: Waga tsubasa wa hekiten! Ten o ou wa shodan no suijin! Shirufisutia!
Localized Quote: "Come, divine wings! Swarm the skies! Sylphystia!"


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