Tales of Graces Original Soundtrack

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Catalog Number AVCD-38050~3
Release Date February 10, 2010
Composers Motoi Sakuraba
•Hibiki Aoyama
•Hiroo Yamaguchi
Arrangement •Motoi Sakuraba
•Hibiki Aoyama
Publishers Avex Trax
Format 4 Discs, 99 Tracks

Tales of Graces Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of Graces.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. "Mamoritai ~White Wishes~" (Tales of Graces Version)
  2. "Tales of Graces"
  3. "Beyond the Sunlit Trees"
  4. "Grasp It with All Your Might"
  5. "Raise the Song of Victory!"
  6. "Requiem of Decay"
  7. "Is Filled with Flowers"
  8. "Innocent Eyes"
  9. "Sophie"
  10. "Refreshing Atmosphere"
  11. "Progress with the Same Number of Dreams"
  12. "A Town of Dancing Wind"
  13. "The Children's Adventure"
  14. "Heart Separation"
  15. "Imminent Crisis"
  16. "Oath"
  17. "Invitation to a Voyage"
  18. "Blown by the Sea Breeze"
  19. "Royal Capital ~Majestic Grandeur~"
  20. "Lying in the Darkness"
  21. "Unrest"
  22. "Unlucky Star"
  23. "Different Conflict"
  24. "First Benefited"
  25. "Protects the Hazard"
  26. "Unspoken Feelings"

Disc Two

  1. "Sword-Drawing! Grind!"
  2. "A Village Vanished Beyond the Woodlands"
  3. "Those Standing in the Way"
  4. "Reminiscence"
  5. "Conflict"
  6. "Over the Waterdrops"
  7. "Arrival!"
  8. "Perplexed Sword"
  9. "Pascal's Theme"
  10. "From the Faraway Distance towards Here"
  11. "Seeking Wisdom"
  12. "Lively Lake Shore"
  13. "Guidance to Victory"
  14. "Fort of Breath"
  15. "A Mansion of Stagnant Malice"
  16. "Decisive Battle! Cheer Up"
  17. "New King of the Wind"
  18. "The Mad King's Invasion"
  19. "Second Coming of That Day"
  20. "Moment of Parting"
  21. "Furious Storm"
  22. "Warm Feelings"
  23. "A Wharf Mixed with Men, Things, and Sand"
  24. "Hot Sand and Heat Haze Myriad"
  25. "Scorching Brawl"
  26. "The Depths of Magic Science"
  27. "Cavern of the Giant Beast"
  28. "Dance of the Unified Water"
  29. "The Land of a Single Sigh is Thirsty"

Disc Three

  1. "To the Fascinating Oceans"
  2. "Look! The Sky is Crimson"
  3. "To a Sea of Dancing Snow"
  4. "Frozen Heel"
  5. "Cold Wind Flash!"
  6. "Drifting Town"
  7. "A Fortress of Hundred Blacks"
  8. "The Ends of the Faraway Memories"
  9. "Taboo Heritage"
  10. "A Crevasse Where Winter Has Started"
  11. "Rejection Cage"
  12. "Countdown Begins"
  13. "Put the Feelings into the Sky"
  14. "Endless Silence"
  15. "What Appeared at Eternity's End"
  16. "About the Sleep Stopping Progress"
  17. "What Was Born inside That Door"
  18. "Lambda"
  19. "Crush That Steel!"
  20. "Struggle to Regain"
  21. "Tales Writing Club Start"
  22. "Everybody's Playing Cat!"
  23. "Adventure in the Shore"
  24. "Kamenin Chief's Relaxation Diary"
  25. "The Supreme King's Cage"
  26. "Soul Evangelist"

Disc Four

  1. "Muddiness Confined in a Chest"
  2. "The Corroder"
  3. "Promised Battle"
  4. "Twisted Smile"
  5. "The Stage's Opening"
  6. "Mad Dance"
  7. "Pour in the Debris"
  8. "Earth-Piercing Sword"
  9. "Impatient Sword"
  10. "Connected Feelings"
  11. "Shaking Heavens"
  12. "Life's Cry"
  13. "Towards Tomorrow"
  14. "Dancing in the Wind"
  15. "When the Promised"
  16. "Ride the Wishes"
  17. "Mamoritai ~White Wishes~" (Ending Version)
  18. "Forever Forever"


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