Tales of Hearts Original Soundtrack

ToH OST Front

ToH OST Back

Catalog Number BVCR-14044/5
Release Date December 10, 2008
Composers Motoi Sakuraba
•Hibiki Aoyama
•Hiroshi Tamura
Arrangement Motoi Sakuraba
Publishers BMG Japan
Format 2 Discs, 76 Tracks

Tales of Hearts Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of Hearts.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. "Eternal Tomorrow" (Tales of Hearts Version)
  2. "Tales of Hearts"
  3. "Thundering Hegira"
  4. "Flee ~ Escaping the Forest"
  5. "Jaws of Death"
  6. "Fearsome Pursuer"
  7. "Incarose the Sorcerer"
  8. "Two Moons"
  9. "Oath to the Moon"
  10. "Radiance of the Spirune"
  11. "Overflowing Nightmare"
  12. "Warmly Hometown"
  13. "Present World"
  14. "Pinch after Pinch"
  15. "Mysterious Arms Soma"
  16. "Hoist the Soma!"
  17. "The Suddenly Changing World"
  18. "Spirmaze -Sorrow-"
  19. "Zerom Appears"
  20. "Link Out"
  21. "Spirune, Like a Flower..."
  22. "Town ~ Lives of People"
  23. "Into the Bottom of Darkness"
  24. "Eyes Staring at the Truth"
  25. "Valleia Crystal Knights"
  26. "Boisterous Plaza"
  27. "Spirmaze -Anger-"
  28. "Put Hopes into Spiria!"
  29. "Endless Journey"
  30. "Unbroken Sword"
  31. "Spiria Disappears"
  32. "Unforgettable Memories"
  33. "To the Still Unseen Land"
  34. "Enjoy Life"
  35. "Mysterious Being, Windam"
  36. "Fear to the Unknown"
  37. "Fly! Anti-Air!!"
  38. "The Global Imperial Capital, Estrega"
  39. "Glory of the Imperial Army"
  40. "World Filled with Sorrow"
  41. "Found! Mysterious Town"
  42. "Let's Challenge!!"
  43. "Space of Important Thoughts, Helwells"
  44. "Exceed the Limit"
  45. "VS Proto Zerom"

Disc Two

  1. "Everyday is a Carnival"
  2. "Gather, Warriors!!"
  3. "The Shown Courage"
  4. "Strayless Runaway"
  5. "Who Are You Fighting for?"
  6. "Lovely Pransoule"
  7. "Erosion of the Imperial Castle"
  8. "Richea's Lullaby"
  9. "Scarlet-Haired Devil"
  10. "Approaching Sorceress"
  11. "It Appears! [The Thorny Forest]"
  12. "Activate, Soma Link!!"
  13. "Spirmaze -Happiness-"
  14. "Village of the Barrier"
  15. "Beginning of the End"
  16. "Bonded Wings, Lienheit"
  17. "Mobile Crystal Castle, Sandrion"
  18. "Restless Spiria"
  19. "To the White World"
  20. "Crystal World ~Quartia~"
  21. "[Whitened City]"
  22. "Tower of Nothingness"
  23. "Hearts to Hearts"
  24. "Fly, to the Place of Showdown!!"
  25. "Pulse of Gardenia"
  26. "Infinite Darkness"
  27. "Glitter! Like a Star"
  28. "Creed Graphite"
  29. "Spiria of the Stars"
  30. "Sleeping Princess of [The Thorny Forest]"
  31. "Eternal Tomorrow" (Ending Version)


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