Tales of Innocence Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number VTCL-60013
Release Date December 19, 2007
Composers Kazuhiro Nakamura
Arrangement Taisuke Sawachika
Publishers Victor Entertainment
Format 1 Disc, 42 Tracks

Tales of Innocence Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of Innocence.

Track Listing

  1. "Follow the Nightingale" (Game Edit Version)
  2. "The End of a Nightmare, but Still in the Middle of a Dream"
  3. "Creation of Heaven and Earth"
  4. "Breaking through the Encirclement"
  5. "The Scene of the Rocking Chair and the Cat"
  6. "Path Which the Wheel Track Continues"
  7. "This Advancement Will Not Be Stopped"
  8. "Break through with the Sword"
  9. "The Captives"
  10. "Death Approaches from Behind"
  11. "At the Knee of the Saint"
  12. "Chantey of the Iron Rust"
  13. "Break the Sword to Pieces"
  14. "Picnic in the Cloudy Weather"
  15. "Memory of the Music Box"
  16. "The Waterdrop Drills through Time"
  17. "The March of the Departing Shipmen"
  18. "Reverse White Waves"
  19. "Investigation of Vicissitude"
  20. "Gaze upon the Crimson"
  21. "Cross over the Crimson Lotus"
  22. "...have a good rest time"
  23. "Welcome to the Jungle"
  24. "Peer into the Abyss"
  25. "On the Desert Island"
  26. "Releasing the Sword from Here on"
  27. "Ideal Weather for a Walk"
  28. "Tears of the Perplexed Souls"
  29. "The Undeniable Truth"
  30. "The Smell of Gunpowder on the Hill"
  31. "Discord of Heaven and Earth"
  32. "Snow Begins to Fall outside the Window"
  33. "Ruler of the Silver Ridge"
  34. "Silver Fox's Dream of Digging Coal in the North"
  35. "Into the Blue Sky"
  36. "Sky Fantasia"
  37. "Impending Sadness"
  38. "The Wind Blows, the Earth Embraces My Body"
  39. "Hymn for the God of Creation"
  40. "Approaching the Summit"
  41. "Before the Demise"
  42. "Say Goodbye and Good Day" (Game Edit Version)


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