Tales of Legendia Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number AVCD-17741~3
Release Date August 24, 2005
Composers Go Shiina
Do As Infinity
Arrangement •Go Shiina
•Do As Infinity
Seiji Kameda
Publishers Avex Trax
Format 3 Discs, 44 Tracks

Tales of Legendia Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of Legendia.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. "TAO" (Game Version)
  2. "Melfes ~ Shining Blue"
  3. "The Meeting Place is the Fountain Plaza"
  4. "Forest of No Return"
  5. "A Cheerful Bandit"
  6. "Sunlight Filtering through the Trees"
  7. "March"
  8. "Spinning Thoughts, Bound Hands"
  9. "The Legendary Sorceror"
  10. "It's Not a Bluff"
  11. "To Deliver the Feelings"
  12. "Ancient Ship"
  13. "Tomorrow Will Surely Be Sunny"
  14. "Enemy Attack"
  15. "Beyond That Hill"
  16. "Battle Artist"
  17. "Seeking Victory"
  18. "Sea of Rage"
  19. "Between Memories and Hope"
  20. "My Tales"

Disc Two

  1. "A Firefly's Light"
  2. "Whisper of the Crystal"
  3. "Advancing Towards 12 O'Clock"
  4. "Chasing Shirly"
  5. "Short Circuit"
  6. "Stella"
  7. "Let's Go!"
  8. "Big Sister Honwaka"
  9. "Land of Peace"
  10. "Run in the Middle of the Storm"
  11. "TAO" (Melfes Version)
  12. "The Bird Chirps, I Sing"
  13. "Delkes Black Wings"
  14. "Thank You"
  15. "Looming Crisis"
  16. "Guiding Star"
  17. "A Flower's Name"
  18. "Funeral March"
  19. "Let's Talk"
  20. "The Prayers Become Power"
  21. "Hotarubi"
  22. "Tales"

Disc Three

  1. "The Traveller's Rest"
  2. "An Important Day ~ The Strong Bond with Comrades"


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