This article is based on data from a Japanese-only game.
The following content has not been released in the English language, so details are subject to change at any given time.
Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons
Tales of Commons logo
Game Systems Mobile Phone
Character Designers Yuu Shiina
Japanese Releases November 11, 2005
Opening Theme "Kiseki" by Kana Uemura

Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons (テイルズ オブ モバイル テイルズ オブ コモンズ Teiruzu obu Mobairu: Teiruzu obu Komonzu?) is the second role-playing game in the Tales of Mobile series. The game stars the pair, Alvin and Sefina, and uses the 2 on 2 Linear Motion Battle System introduced in Tales of Breaker. The game's characteristic genre translates to "RPG to Walk Alongside a Changing World and Trusting Thoughts" (変わりゆく世界 信じる想い 共に歩んでゆくRPG Kawari yuku sekai shinjiru omoi tomo ni ayunde yuku RPG?).


Alvin Portrait Sefina Portrait Seiun Portrait You Portrait
Alvin Sefina Seiun You


ToM-ToC Title Screen.gif
Title Screen 
ToM-ToC Menu.gif
ToM-ToC Town.gif
ToM-ToC Battle 1.gif
ToM-ToC Battle 2.gif
ToM-ToC Scene.gif

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