Tales of Vesperia Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number WPCL-10491~4
Release Date August 20, 2008
Composers Motoi Sakuraba
•Hibiki Aoyama
Bonnie Pink
Arrangement •Motoi Sakuraba
•Hibiki Aoyama
Publishers Warner Music Japan
Format 4 Discs, 118 Tracks

Tales of Vesperia Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of Vesperia.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. "The Dawn of Departure"
  2. "Trends of the World"
  3. "The Story Begins"
  4. "Omen"
  5. "Unfulfilled Feelings"
  6. "Graceful Moment"
  7. "A Young Man's Selfish Daily Life"
  8. "Unexpected Dangers"
  9. "The Battle Opens Fire"
  10. "Victory Cry"
  11. "Loyalty to the Sword and Armor"
  12. "Exposed Conspiracy"
  13. "The Situation Wriggles Amply"
  14. "Madness"
  15. "Twisted Sword Light"
  16. "Uninvited Circumstances"
  17. "Morning Star Serenade"
  18. "Comfortable Journey"
  19. "An Immovable Protective Wall"
  20. "Chaotic Remains of Fire"
  21. "Flickering Taboo"
  22. "Betting in This Bout"
  23. "Evening Requiem"
  24. "Pleasant Intrigue"
  25. "Miracle in the Flower Street"
  26. "Examining the Flowers"
  27. "Magicians of the Shadow's Depths"
  28. "The Sorceress's Bad Mood"
  29. "Sorcery Weapon, A Millennia of Sleep"
  30. "Crossing the Small Hills"
  31. "Around the World"

Disc Two

  1. "Full of Unrest"
  2. "Bonds"
  3. "A Heart Excited by the Sound of Waves"
  4. "Ruins of Soaking Rain"
  5. "The Beautiful People's Progress and Harmony"
  6. "United Oath"
  7. "Peacefully at the Woodlands of Thick Grass"
  8. "Break Through! Gasphalost"
  9. "The Might of the Giant Fort"
  10. "The Severe Morning Star Departs"
  11. "Burn More, Fighting Spirit"
  12. "Flawless Victory!"
  13. "The Villains' Conspiracy and the Mechanical Tower"
  14. "Minor Ocean's Kick Up"
  15. "Tender Sunlight"
  16. "Nightmares Reflected in the Mirror"
  17. "Under the Warriors's Flag"
  18. "Malice Lurking in the Den"
  19. "The Seductive Water Sound's Whisper"
  20. "Yellow Sand Arabesque"
  21. "A Night When the Cactus Flower Blooms"
  22. "Strong Foes Blocking the Way"
  23. "Beyond the Mirage"
  24. "Duke"
  25. "Full Moon and Morning Star" (From "Ring a Bell")
  26. "Wise One"
  27. "Tragic Decision"
  28. "An Immoral Banquet Softly"

Disc Three

  1. "The Forfeited Stormy Mountain"
  2. "Judith, Portrait of Solitude"
  3. "Fly, Cross Day and Night"
  4. "Brilliant Life, Raising Light"
  5. "The Old Folk Drift in the Sky"
  6. "Echoes of the Hollow Old Days"
  7. "The Pursued Holy Core"
  8. "Counting Months and Months"
  9. "Sea Pursuit"
  10. "Chance for a Big Reversal"
  11. "Explosive Progressing Menace"
  12. "Main Armament Firing, Seconds Before"
  13. "Omen of Destruction"
  14. "To Beyond the Devastating Aer"
  15. "Estelle's Despair"
  16. "Diamond Dust"
  17. "Ceremony of the Air (Deinnomoth)"
  18. "A Truth Hidden in the Shadows of the World"
  19. "Heart's Cry"
  20. "Source of the Gushing Out Silence"
  21. "The Severe Morning Star and the Full Moon Child"
  22. "The World Abducted by That Finger"
  23. "Cutting Off the Dark Ambitions"
  24. "Seal of Destruction"
  25. "Loss"
  26. "Yuri's Slump"
  27. "A Bath Heartly Welcome"
  28. "Playtime"
  29. "Playing with the Wind" (From "Kaze no Klonoa")
  30. "Fight, Our Beraboh Man" (From "Chouzetsu Rinjin Beraboh Man")
  31. "Shadows Driving Underground" (From "Metro Cross")
  32. "Maybe I Could Do It"
  33. "Fly, Baul"
  34. "Serious Match!"
  35. "Labyrinth of a Faded Past"
  36. "Encounter with the Unknown"

Disc Four

  1. "The World Saviors' Determination"
  2. "Tenacity"
  3. "Mysterious Fallen Forest"
  4. "Indomitable Fighting Spirit"
  5. "Wind Roaring in the Ravine"
  6. "In Pathetic Silence"
  7. "Starting Up"
  8. "Those Who Lost Their Protection"
  9. "Echoing Breath"
  10. "Scattering Sparks"
  11. "Ruined Insignificance That Goes through the Heavens"
  12. "Aim for the Top"
  13. "Unexchanged Feelings" (From "Ring a Bell")
  14. "Hidden Power of the Ancient Tower City"
  15. "When Determination Strikes"
  16. "The Last Battle"
  17. "A Once-in-Lifetime Battle to Death"
  18. "Their Resolution" (From "Ring a Bell")
  19. "Responding to the Voice"
  20. "Shaken Heart"
  21. "Tie the Echoing Voice's Power"
  22. "Soaring to a New World"
  23. "The Story Ends, The Travel Begins" (From "Ring a Bell")


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