Tales of the Rays
TotR Logo
Game Systems iOS
Developers Bandai Namco Games
Publishers Bandai Namco Games
Character Designers Hidenori Matsubara
Kousuke Fujishima
Mutsumi Inomata
Animators Wit Studio
Japanese Releases February 28, 2017
North American Releases July 24, 2017
European Releases July 24, 2017
Opening Theme "New Wall" by Alexandros

Tales of the Rays (テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ Teiruzu obu za Reizu?) is a Mobile Title in the Tales series. The game is a smartphone app with an original story, led by veteran scenario writer Takumi Yajima, who has worked on Mothership Titles such as Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss. The game incorporates characters and aspects from others in the series, including Tales of Destiny, Tales of Eternia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces ƒ, Tales of Xillia, and Tales of Zestiria. The game's Japanese theme song is "New Wall", performed by Alexandros and played during the game's opening sequence. Its characteristic genre is "an RPG about pursuing the power of truth".


Sellund (TotR)

Official artwork of Sellund.

The world of Tir Na Nog was brought to prosperity by Chiral Particles, which produce infinite energy. It eventually led to the development of the weapons called mirrages, wielders of whom are called mirrists, and eventually the Kaleidoscope, a fearsome weapon that could deplete the anima at the hearts of people and materials and turn them into light. Overuse led to anima separating from the world itself, turning all to dust. Repentant mirrists oversaw Project Aegis to revitalize their dying world. Years later, Tir Na Nog has returned to a verdant land, but one day a storm of meteors takes out the island home of Ix Nieves and Mileena Weiss. Surviving by pure chance, the two are taken in by the Salvation Front and discover a grave new threat to their world.


Main Questlines
Anima Chapter Name Unlockable Character(s) Number of Quests
Rainbow Anima (TotR) Prologue: A Land of Beginnings and Light
序幕 : 始まりと光の大陸
Jomaku: Hajimari to Hikari no Tairiku
"Prologue: Continent of Beginnings and Light"
Ix Icon (TotR)Mileena Icon (TotR) 1
Green Anima (TotR) Chapter 1: A World of Blastia and Barriers
第1章 : 結界と魔導器の世界
Dai-1-shou: Shiruto to Burasutia no Sekai
"Chapter 1: Land of Barriers and Blastia"
Yuri Icon (TotR)Repede Icon (TotR) 10
Violet Anima (TotR) Chapter 2: A World of Cryas and Eleth
第2章 : 大輝石と原素の世界
Dai-2-shou: Barukinesukuriasu to Eres no Sekai
"Chapter 2: Land of Valkines Cryas and Eleth"
Sophie Icon (TotR) 14
Yellow Anima (TotR) Chapter 3: A World of Prophecy and Fonon
第3章 : 預言と音素の世界
Dai-3-shou: Sukoa to Fonimu no Sekai
"Chapter 3: Land of Scores and Fonons"
Luke Icon (TotR) 17
Brown Anima (TotR) Chapter 4: A World of Legends and Hope
第4章 : 伝承と希望の世界
Dai-4-shou: Denshou to Kibou no Sekai
"Chapter 4: Land of Folklores and Hope"
Sorey Icon (TotR) 14
Blue Anima (TotR) Chapter 5: A World of People and Spirits
第5章 : 人と精霊の世界
Dai-5-shou: Hito to Seirei no Sekai
"Chapter 5: Land of Humans and Spirits"
Jude Icon (TotR) 16
Red Anima (TotR) Chapter 6: A World of Four Heroes and God Eyes
第6章 : 四英雄と神の眼の世界
Dai-6-shou: Yon'eiyuu to Kami no Me no Sekai
"Chapter 6: Land of Four Heroes and the Eye of Atamoni"
Rutee Icon (TotR) 15
Green Anima (TotR) Chapter 7: Two Worlds of Craymels
第7章 : 大晶霊と2つの世界
Dai-7-shou: Daishourei to Futatsu no Sekai
Meredy Icon (TotR)Keele Icon (TotR) 15
Red Anima (TotR) Chapter 8: A World of Heroes and Lenses: The Abducted Mirrist
第8章 : 四英雄と神の眼の世界~さらわれた鏡士~
Dai-8-shou: Yon'eiyuu to Kami no Me no Sekai ~Sarawareta Kagamishi~
"Chapter 8: Land of Four Heroes and the Eye of Atamoni ~Kidnapped Mirror Knight~"
Stahn Icon (TotR)Rutee Icon (TotR) 15
Red Anima (TotR) Chapter 8: A World of Heroes and Lenses: Bonds of Friendship
第8章 : 四英雄と神の眼の世界~仲間との絆~
Dai-8-shou: Yon'eiyuu to Kami no Me no Sekai ~Nakama to no Kizuna~
"Chapter 8: Land of Four Heroes and the Eye of Atamoni ~Bonds with Friends~"
Leon Icon (TotR)Stahn Icon (TotR) 15
Violet Anima (TotR) Chapter 9: A World of Mana and Two Chosen: The Anomaly and World's Fate
第9章 : 二人の神子とマナの世界~訪れる異変~
Dai-9-shou: Futari no Miko to Mana no Sekai ~Otozureru Ihen~
"Chapter 9: Land of the Two Chosen and Mana ~Appearing Abnormality~"
Lloyd Icon (TotR) 15
Violet Anima (TotR) Chapter 9: Land of the Two Chosen and Mana ~Fate of the World~
第9章 : 二人の神子とマナの世界~世界の行く末~
Dai-9-shou: Futari no Miko to Mana no Sekai ~Sekai no Yukusue~
Lloyd Icon (TotR) 15
Brown Anima (TotR) Chapter 10: Land of Legends and Beginnings
第10章 : 伝承と始まりの世界
Dai-10-shou: Denshou to Hajimari no Sekai
Velvet Icon (TotR) 15
Yellow Anima (TotR) Chapter 11: Land of History and Legends
第11章 : 歴史と伝説の世界
Dai-11-shou: Rekishi to Densetsu no Sekai
Cress Icon (TotR)Chester Icon (TotR) 15
Blue Anima (TotR) Chapter 12: Guideposts of Chaos and Glimmer
第12章 : 混沌と煌めきの道標
Dai-12-shou: Konton to Kirameki no Michishirube
Earhart Icon (TotR) 15
Event Questlines
Anima Event Name Unlockable Character(s) Number of Quests
Yellow Anima (TotR) Mieu's Big Adventure
Mieu no Daibouken
"Mieu's Great Adventure"
Tear Icon (TotR)Jade Icon (TotR) 16
Yellow Anima (TotR) Mieu's Big Adventure, Part 2
Zoku ・ Mieu no Daibouken
"Mieu's Great Adventure Sequel"
None 10
Brown Anima (TotR) Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods, Prologue
スイートピア遺跡と神のケーキ ~プロローグ~
Suiitopia Iseki to Kami no Keeki ~Purorōgu~
"Ruins of Sweetopia and the Divine Cake ~Prologue~"
None 1
Brown Anima (TotR) Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods
Suiitopia Iseki to Kami no Keeki
"Ruins of Sweetopia and the Divine Cake"
Mikleo Icon (TotR)Edna Icon (TotR) 17
Brown Anima (TotR) Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods, Edna's Afterparty
Suiitopia Iseki to Kami no Keeki ~Edna-sama no Nijikai~
"Ruins of Sweetopia and the Divine Cake ~Lady Edna's Afterparty~"
None 10
Blue Anima (TotR) The Lord of Spirits and Friends
Seirei no Ou to Yukaina Nakama-tachi
"The Lord of Spirits and Young Friends"
Milla Icon (TotR)Elize Icon (TotR) 10
Blue Anima (TotR) The Lord of Spirits and Friends ~Bylaws of the Pinkists~
Seirei no Ou to Yukaina Nakama-tachi ~Pinkisuto no Kokoroe~
"The Lord of Spirits and Young Friends ~Bylaws of the Pinkists~"
None 13
Green Anima (TotR) WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys
Wisu to Omocha no Meikyuu
Reid Icon (TotR)Farah Icon (TotR) 15
Green Anima (TotR) The Distorted Kaleidoscope
Yugami no Kareidosukoopu
Rita Icon (TotR)Raven Icon (TotR) 15
Red Anima (TotR) Saga of Destiny
Unmei ga Tsumugu Eiyuutan
"Heroic Tale Spun by Fate"
Kyle Icon (TotR)Reala Icon (TotR) 14
Rainbow Anima (TotR) Tir Na Nog SUMMER ~Miraculous Savior and Pochitarou~
ティル・ナ・ノーグSUMMER ~奇跡の救世主とポチ太郎~
Tir Na Nog SUMMER ~Kiseki no Kyuuseisha to Pochitarou
Guy Icon (TotR)Colette Icon (TotR) 16
Brown Anima (TotR) The Hot-blooded! Long-distance Swimming Medley Relay
熱血! 遠泳メドレーリレー
Nekketsu! Enei Medley Relay
Alisha Icon (TotR) 14
Rainbow Anima (TotR) The Terrifying! Seven Mysteries of Tir Na Nog
Senritsu! Tir Na Nog no Nanafushigi
Asbel Icon (TotR)Cheria Icon (TotR) 16
Violet Anima (TotR) The Great Arena Revival Plan
Tougijou Fukkou Daisakusen
Emil Icon (TotR)Marta Icon (TotR) 20
Violet Anima (TotR) The Great Arena Revival Plan ~Emil & Marta's Challenge~
闘技場復興大作戦 ~エミル&マルタの挑戦~
Tougijou Fukkou Daisakusen ~Emil & Marta no Chousen~
None 16


Ix (tvtropes) Mileena (tvtropes) Marcus (tvtropes) Gefion (tvtropes) Gareth (tvtropes) Karia (tvtropes) Demetrius (tvtropes)
Gefion Gareth
Karia Demetrius



Anima (共鳴アニマ Kyoumei?, "Resonance") denotes the origins of each character in the game, based on which title the character is from. There are currently seven types of anima. Anima affects the stats of the characters when participating in a quest. Characters who shares the same anima type as the quest's anima will get a x2.0 stats multiplier, while the ones who have different anima type will remain with their original stats, with Ix and Mileena as exceptions. Both of them gain x1.5 stats multiplier for every single quest in the game, even if the quest has the same anima type as them.

Anima Icons
Rainbow Anima (TotR) Violet Anima (TotR) Brown Anima (TotR) Green Anima (TotR) Blue Anima (TotR) Red Anima (TotR) Yellow Anima (TotR)
Rainbow Violet Brown Green Blue Red Yellow

Defense Type

There are three types of passive defense: Balance, Physical and Magical. Characters with the Balance Defense Type will take reduced damage from both Physical and Magical attacks, while the Physical Defense Type can only reduce the damage of Physical damage, with the same applying to the Magical Defense Type.


There are four main types of artes in this game: Slash ( Zan?), Spell ( Ma?), Bash ( Da?) and Shot ( Sha?).

Artes Type Icons
Mirrage (TotR) Slash Icon (TotR) Spell Icon (TotR) Bash Icon (TotR) Shot Icon (TotR)
Mirrage Slash Spell Bash Shot


Element Icons
Dark Icon (TotR) Earth Icon (TotR) Wind Icon (TotR) Water Icon (TotR) Fire Icon (TotR) Light Icon (TotR)
Dark Earth Wind Water Fire Light


Mirrage (魔鏡 Makyou?, "Magic Mirror") is the game's original feature for battles. The skill that can be activated is called Mirrage Artes (魔鏡技 makyougi?, "magic mirror artes"), which are similar to mystic artes in other titles. The requirement for the activation of this technique is to fully charge the pink bar below the HP bar and then swipe up from the character's head when the red arrow appears. Using mirrage artes will increase the Mirrage Ratio (ミラージュレシオ Miraajureshio?).


Character Customization

All characters can be customized through this feature. The customization limits to outfits, headwear, and weapons. Alternate outfits, headwear, and weapons can be purchased using "Prisms". For the Japanese release in commemoration of the Pre-Registeration Campaign, all players were able to buy limited outfits for Sophie and Yuri Lowell for 0 Prism. For the global release, the official Facebook page had a special campaign where after the page would receive certain number of likes the character in question's outfit was added to the game.


  • In the global release, the large array of words is banned do to their offensive nature, resulting in many non-offensive words containing the banned words being unable to be entered in the game, e.g. the word "hello" cannot be used since it contains the word "hell".

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