Tales of the Tempest Original Soundtrack

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Tales of the Tempest Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number AVCD-23187/8
Release Date February 21, 2007
Composers Motoi Sakuraba
Arrangement Motoi Sakuraba
Publishers Avex Trax
Format 2 Discs, 38 Tracks

Tales of the Tempest Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of the Tempest.

Track Listing

Disc One: Game Music Side

  1. "Encounter"
  2. "Difficult Situation"
  3. "Confrontation"
  4. "Sincerity is Solemn"
  5. "As for Me, National"
  6. "Liberation"
  7. "Different World"
  8. "Grassy Plain"
  9. "Desert"
  10. "Capital of Ramorn"
  11. "Frozen Ground"
  12. "Feln"
  13. "Nals"
  14. "Zhanna"
  15. "Business Prosperity"
  16. "Black Forest"
  17. "Are Mountain"
  18. "Underground Waterway"
  19. "The Root of Various Crimes"
  20. "Sailing"
  21. "A Crisis It Approaches, and to Come"
  22. "The Night of a Plot"
  23. "Reda"
  24. "Enemy's Raid"
  25. "Suffering"
  26. "The Opponent's Side Before"
  27. "All Was Over"
  28. "A Day of an Opening"
  29. "The New Departure"
  30. "VS" (Game Edit Ver.)
  31. "VS" (Game Edit Ver.) [Instrumental]

Disc Two: Original Drama Side

  1. "Opening"
  2. "What Just Flew by?"
  3. "Are They Really Twins?"
  4. "A Pretty Reason"
  5. "Because It's the DS"
  6. "Flower of Memories"
  7. "Ending"


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