Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 Original Soundtrack

TotW-RM2 OST Front

TotW-RM2 OST Back

Catalog Number AVCD-23947~50
Release Date November 11, 2009
Composers Motoi Sakuraba
•Takuya Yasuda
Go Shiina
•Kazuhiro Nakamura
•Kota Nakashima
Arrangement Back-On
Publishers Avex Trax
Format 4 Discs, 101 Tracks

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. "Flyaway" (Game Opening Edit)
  2. "Radiant Mythology #2"
  3. "Create a Character"
  4. "Departure"
  5. "The Story of the Descender"
  6. "Grandma's Song"
  7. "Chat Hut" (From Tales of Eternia)
  8. "Van Eltia Theme" (From Tales of Eternia)
  9. "Kanonno #1"
  10. "Aifread Theme" (From Tales of Eternia)
  11. "The Van Eltia" (From Tales of Eternia)
  12. "Crisis"
  13. "Amell Caves"
  14. "Refill -Relical Mode!-" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  15. "Zelos" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  16. "Happiness Time"
  17. "Perry Mines"
  18. "Impatience"
  19. "Raisin Volcano"
  20. "Kanonno #2"
  21. "Slime's Nest"
  22. "Theme of Mysterious"
  23. "Goede #1"

Disc Two

  1. "Garret Woods Area"
  2. "The Scratch on Ice" (From Tales of Rebirth)
  3. "Prison Gate Cave"
  4. "Uneasiness"
  5. "Niata Monad"
  6. "Kanonno #3"
  7. "Churos Undersea Ruins"
  8. "Sadness"
  9. "Mandarge Underground City Ruins"
  10. "Coral Forest"
  11. "Moscoby Desert"
  12. "Mescal Mountains"
  13. "Barbatos" (From Tales of Destiny 2)
  14. "Voyage"
  15. "Goede #2"
  16. "Negative Nest"
  17. "Little Sad"
  18. "Finale"
  19. "I'm a Champion!" (From Tales of Destiny)
  20. "EX Dungeon"
  21. "Cave of the World Tree"
  22. "Flyaway" (Tales Of Remix)

Disc Three

  1. "Take Up the Cross" (From Tales of Phantasia)
  2. "Overcome Difficulties" (From Tales of Phantasia)
  3. "Fighting of the Spirit" (From Tales of Phantasia)
  4. "Bare Its Fangs" (From Tales of Destiny)
  5. "Lion -Irony of Fate-" (From Tales of Destiny)
  6. "Inferia Battle" (From Tales of Eternia)
  7. "Celestia Battle" (From Tales of Eternia)
  8. "Eternal Mind" (From Tales of Eternia)
  9. "Ability Test" (From Tales of Eternia)
  10. "Time Battle" (From Tales of Eternia)
  11. "Theme of Battle" (From Tales of Destiny 2)
  12. "The Dreadnought" (From Tales of Destiny 2)
  13. "Timeline" (From Tales of Destiny 2)
  14. "Coup de Grbce" (From Tales of Destiny 2)
  15. "Wheel of Fortune" (From Tales of Destiny 2)
  16. "Full Force" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  17. "Like a Glint of Light" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  18. "Fatalize" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  19. "The End of a Thought" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  20. "Beat the Angel" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  21. "Battle Organization" (From Tales of Rebirth)
  22. "Dogfight" (From Tales of Rebirth)
  23. "The Die is Cast" (From Tales of Rebirth)

Disc Four

  1. "Battle Artist" (From Tales of Legendia)
  2. "Seeking Victory" (From Tales of Legendia)
  3. "The Arrow Was Shot" (From Tales of the Abyss)
  4. "Never Surrender" (From Tales of the Abyss)
  5. "The Edge of a Decision" (From Tales of the Abyss)
  6. "Encounter" (From Tales of the Tempest)
  7. "Break through with the Sword" (From Tales of Innocence)
  8. "Furnace of War" (From Tales of Vesperia)
  9. "Beginning of a Battle"
  10. "Holy Crusade"
  11. "A Desperate Battle"
  12. "Heavy Destruction"
  13. "Goede -Overdose-"
  14. "Into the Battle"
  15. "Triumphant Heroes"
  16. "Worth Dying for"
  17. "Rondo of Sadness"
  18. "Final Damnation"
  19. "Fight for Justice"
  20. "Primal Rages"
  21. "Middle Boss"
  22. "Anger to Sadness"
  23. "Deus ex Machina"
  24. "Radiant Battle"
  25. "Battle End"
  26. "Friendship"
  27. "Quest Clear"
  28. "Report"
  29. "Story Quest Clear"
  30. "Success"
  31. "Job Change"
  32. "Puzzle Start"
  33. "Puzzle Clear"


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