Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Original Soundtrack

TotW-RM OST Front

TotW-RM OST Back

Catalog Number KICA-1433/4
Release Date March 7, 2007
Composers •Takuya Yasuda
Motoi Sakuraba
Go Shiina
Kana Uemura
Arrangement Shinsuke Sawachika
Publishers King Records
Format 2 Discs, 55 Tracks

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack featuring game music and themes from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. "Light and Shadow"
  2. "Radiant Mythology #1"
  3. "Character Making"
  4. "Mormo"
  5. "Under the Yggdrasil"
  6. "Ailily"
  7. "Funny Companion"
  8. "Place of Meeting"
  9. "Ad Libitum"
  10. "Fellowship"
  11. "Kanonno"
  12. "New Frontier"
  13. "Blazing!"
  14. "Ruins of Muscai"
  15. "Middle Boss"
  16. "Mysterious Place"
  17. "Theme of Evil"
  18. "Desperate Battle"
  19. "Dopurune"
  20. "Mine of the Dark"
  21. "Sudden Crisis"
  22. "Valley of Lava"
  23. "Theme of Sorrow"
  24. "Deep Forest"
  25. "Gavada"
  26. "Mysterious"
  27. "The Freezing"

Disc Two

  1. "World Eater"
  2. "Forest of Paleozoic"
  3. "Time of Facing"
  4. "Sad Memory"
  5. "Gilgulim"
  6. "Whisper of Evil"
  7. "Widdershin"
  8. "See You Again"
  9. "Paper Plane"
  10. "Take Up the Cross" (From Tales of Phantasia)
  11. "Bare Its Fangs" (From Tales of Destiny)
  12. "Inferia Battle" (From Tales of Eternia)
  13. "Theme of Battle" (From Tales of Destiny 2)
  14. "Full Force" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  15. "Battle Organization" (From Tales of Rebirth)
  16. "Battle Artist" (From Tales of Legendia)
  17. "The Arrow Was Shot" (From Tales of the Abyss)
  18. "Ability Test" (From Tales of Eternia)
  19. "Lion -Irony of Fate-" (From Tales of Destiny)
  20. "The End of a Thought" (From Tales of Symphonia)
  21. "The Trial" (From Tales of Rebirth)
  22. "Seeking Victory" (From Tales of Legendia)
  23. "Jingle - Quest Clear" (Bonus Track)
  24. "Jingle - Quest Report" (Bonus Track)
  25. "Jingle - Main Story Quest Report" (Bonus Track)
  26. "Jingle - Battle Victory" (Bonus Track)
  27. "Jingle - New Companion" (Bonus Track)
  28. "Jingle - Job Change" (Bonus Track)


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