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This article contains contents that are not localized in North America or Europe.
The following contents have not been released in the English language and are based on data from the Japanese version of this game. Details are subject to change at any given time.
Tales of the World: Tactics Union
TotW-TU Logo
Game Systems Android
Developers Namco Tales Studio
Publishers Bandai Namco Games
Animators Production I.G
Japanese Releases Android (au Smart Pass) July 2, 2012
iOS January 10, 2013
Android (Google Play) January 11, 2013

Tales of the World: Tactics Union (テイルズ オブ ザ ワールド タクティクス ユニオン Teiruzu obu za Warudo: Takutikusu Yunion?) is a Mobile Title in theTales series. Like other games in the series, it features a group of characters from various Tales games. Service has since ceased.


Revalia is a world formed from the dreams of people from countless different worlds. As long as there are those who dream, it continues to exist; when they cease to dream, the world will die. Within Revalia resides the Rufres tribe, whose duty is to keep the balance in the world by purifying the nightmares of the people, the incarnation of the people's darkness in their hearts called Vuul. But recently, the Vuul, which never had any specific form to begin with, began appearing as monsters, and opposed the Rufres called Dreamcatchers, who possess special powers.

Even though Vuul had taken the forms of monsters, non-shaped Vuul still existed in Revalia, and they have the power to take control of the people's minds. One day, the Dreamcatchers all simultaneously lose their shape. The remaining, still-powerless, and immature Rufres all journey to a place called the Waking World and try their best to summon those who can fight the Vuul. However, the summoning ceremony is a failure, and the summoned warriors are scattered around Revalia. Due to the failure of the ceremony, all the summoned ones lost their memories of their previous journey in their respective worlds, as well as their strength and abilities.


The game features various characters from the Mothership Titles. Tales characters in this game are called Awakened Dreamers. The game's main protagonists are the "Player Side", whereas the game's main antagonists are the "Enemy Side". Downloadable content was made available weeks after the release, including an extra level called Trembling Grove, and additional characters from various games in the Tales series.

Original Cast

Terun (tvtropes) 1 Terun (tvtropes) 2 Nahato (tvtropes) 1 Nahato (tvtropes) 2
Terun Nahato

Player Side

Enemy Side

Additional Characters


Battle System

The battle system is a strategy-type, which is command-based. Depending on the character's weapon and skill, normal attacks and artes may have different range. The game uses AP, or Artes Points, to execute artes. The players have to move the characters per tile. Over Limit is still part of the game. When the Over Limit gauge is full, players can perform mystic artes. Characters also have Skills, which they can learn by consuming Skill Points. Skill examples include increasing the max HP and having guard counter. In order to remember new skills, as well as artes, the players will need a "Memory Fragment", which can be used at a "Memory Hall".

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