I'm not exactly sure what is the criteria for determining if a port is "enhanced" or not. But it should be noted somewhere that the North American version of Tales of the Abyss is an "enhanced" version of the NTSC-J version. I mean, if we're considering Symphonia PS2 to be "enhanced", when it adds only a handful of mystic artes and other minor changes (the Eiyuu Trio battle is nice) in exchange for much worse loading times and framerate than Abyss itself(!), then the NTSC-U version of Abyss amounts to the same thing: it adds only a handful of mystic artes in exchange for several more glitches and bugs that didn't exist before in Japan. Eh.

I've no idea how Vesperia PS3 will measure up to either of those examples...

Mayu Miyuki 22:24, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

Characteristic genre

Even if it's not complete yet, it should be rather obvious what I'm trying to do here. The "characteristic genre" is an important part of the advertising of the games in Japan, and I always wanted to integrate them into this wiki somewhere, since they have been on Wikipedia since forever. And in addition to this, I decided to show the release dates of all versions of the game in all regions, just to be complete. All release dates are from Play-Asia, since Wikipedia and GameFAQs have some missing data.

Still, this release date info might be considered as "too much information", and it might be better to add this info to each individual game's article, under a "release history" section to detail all regions and versions. This could be extended to include the serial numbers shown on the game packaging, since game versions like the recalled Graces have a different code compared to the updated and debugged version. And it's worth noting that the Korean version of Destiny 2 is dubbed in Korean, while every other Korean version of the other games is subtitled with Japanese audio, the same way that Europe subtitles their releases with American English vocals. Again, all of this data is already on Play-Asia's website, so it doesn't require a lot of research.

So on the chart shown on this page, should I just omit all release dates, or would it be better to limit them to the original releases for the major regions of Japan/North America/Europe? All of this same info will have to be displayed on each individual page anyway, so it's not a major loss to remove these things on this chart as long as they can be found somewhere else on the wiki.

Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 18:15, March 1, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry I didn't mention this when I first did the edits. When I edited the tables, I deliberately avoided the release date issues as too much information for what I see as a basic list of the games, even if I did keep release date-ish order. The releases are probably best regulated to their individual pages. Lanate (talk) 23:09, March 1, 2010 (UTC)

Title naming conventions

I know Mayu and I discussed the naming conventions of the titles in the series before, but I can't remember what talk page it's on. Anyway, I found this video, which I thought was pretty interesting. The guy is super annoying, but his points are fairly accurate.

Arosia (talk) 20:39, April 5, 2015 (UTC)

Also, interesting video, if you're ever bored like I've been lately.

Arosia (talk) 20:23, June 6, 2015 (UTC)

search -> "zestia" -> select all -> Category talk:Mothership Titles#Etymology of game names
Incidentally, the other search hit actually leads to the conversation explaining why I deleted the Xillia page one time. Go figure. You may also be interested in the following, which were archived from the TSF before Namco Hometek's servers were nuked because they love to mistreat the English fanbase. I thought there was a thread showing which trademarks were attached to which games but I cannot find it. For the games from 2007 onwards, you can probably check through old news posts to find some of the indev/trademarked titles via Abyssal Chronicles.
Based on the latter link, I can subdivide them based on what I remember.
Code Number Registered Trademark Translated Name
 ?  ?

Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Truthia

 ?  ?

Tales of Rebirth/Reverse
Tales of Justice
Tales of Honesty

 ?  ?

Tales of Legendia
Tales of Truthia
Tales of Fandom vol.2

 ?  ?

Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Harmonia
Tales of Mirage

 ?  ?

Tales of the Tempest
Tales of Doom Sign
Tales of Two Faiths/Faces
Tales of Howling

 ?  ?

Tales of the Voice (possibly Phantasia FVE)



Tales of Innocence
Tales of the Innocent
Tales of the Manes



Tales of Valoria
Tales of Strife
Tales of Vesperia



Tales of Hearts
Tales of the Nexus
Tales of the Genesis



Tales of Vesperia (PS3)
Tales of (series)
Tales of Hearts
Tales of Destiny (DC)


テイルズ オブ フローリア\Tales of Floweria
テイルズ オブ グレイシア\Tales of Gracia
テイルズ オブ ユナイティア\Tales of Unitia
テイルズ オブ フローリア\Tales of Floria
テイルズ オブ スターティア\Tales of Startear
テイルズ オブ ブレシア\Tales of Blessia
テイルズ オブ ブレセア
テイルズ オブ グレイセス
テイルズ オブ ユニフィクス

Tales of Floweria
Tales of Gracia
Tales of Unitia
Tales of Floria
Tales of Startear (tales art online do not want)
Tales of Blessia
Tales of Blessea
Tales of Graces
Tales of Unifics


テイルズ オブ バトルファンダム
テイルズ オブ バーサス
テイルズオブヴェスペリア\Tales of Vesperia
テイルズ オブ バーサス
テイルズ オブ フェスティバル\TALES OF FESTIVAL
テイルズ オブ グレイセス\Tales of Graces

Tales of Battlefandom
Tales of Versus
Tales of Wallbreaker
Tales of Vesperia (???)
Tales of VS.
Ratatosk no Kishi
Tales of the Tempest (obviously preparing for Triverse shenanigans)
Tales of Festival
Cross\Narikiri Dungeon X
Tales of Graces (PS3)


テイルズ オブ エクシリア
テイルズ オブ イクシリア
Tales of Xillia
Tales of Faithus
Tales of Zestia

Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia
Tales of Faithus
Tales of Zestia


テイルズ オブ タウン
テイルズ オブ ザ タウン

Tales of Town
Tales of Town
Tales of the Town
Tales of the Town


テイルズ オブ ザ ワールド\Tales of The World

Dice Adventure
Tales of the World


テイルズ オブ カードエボルブ
テイルズ オブ カードマスターズ
テイルズ オブ バトルフロンティア

Tales of Card Evolve
Tales of Card Masters
Tales of Battle Frontier


テイルズ オブ ゼストリア
テイルズ オブ クレアレス
テイルズ オブ カタストラ
テイルズ オブ ゼスティリア
テイルズ オブ ゼスティアス

Tales of Zestoria
Tales of Creales
Tales of Catastora
Tales of Zestiria
Tales of Zestias



Tales of Link
Tales of Jin
Tales of Ansis


テイルズ オブ ビブリオテカ
テイルズ オブ メモリーズ
テイルズ オブ フェイバリット

Tales of Bibliotheca
Tales of Memories
Tales of Favorite


テイルズ オブ アスタリア
テイルズ オブ カナデ

Tales of Asteria
Tales of Kanade


テイルズ オブ ベルセリア
テイルズ オブ オルフェリア
テイルズ オブ アレスティア

Tales of Berseria
Tales of Orfellia
Tales of Alestia

And then there is Sword of Legendia, a supposed launch title of the original Wii which was cancelled and turned into vaporware, which included concept art that had a character whom many insisted to look like young Chloe Valens.
Edit - Also that Pac Man thing in that first video is pretty much exactly how Hideo Baba acts irl. This is the guy who said on camera that he wants a "Tales of Symphonia: Reimagination" on the same level of quality as the barf baskets of the Triverse games, ladies and gentlemen! But the video is fairly accurate even if it is reading a bit too much into these titles which ultimately boil down to whatever sounds good in that gibberish language called English which no one cares to understand in Japan. Remember that the characteristic genre names are the "translated" titles of the games as far as the JP gamer mindset is concerned, rendering all of these obnoxious nonsense-ia names into something veiguely comprehensible to them.
Shizune Hakamichi (talk) 01:55, June 7, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for the information! I think it would be nice and interesting to incorporate some of this into Trivia sections, although the analysis of such names would probably be taking it a step too far.

Arosia (talk) 17:20, June 7, 2015 (UTC)

These things are certainly interesting to note as trivia, but care should be taken to avoid any speculation and rumors relating to each of the trademarked names, including their meaning aside from Baba's "zillion" excuse which is certainly something that he said. During the Legendia cycle, for instance, it was believed that the trademarks indicated that the games would be "Tales of Legendia" for GameCube, set in the Aseliaverse, "Tales of Truthia" for PS2, sequel to Eternia, and "Tales of Fandom vol.2" ...which did come into being with true accuracy. Truthia itself was a recycled trademark from the Symphonia cycle. Any sort of acknowledgement of these rumors will only cause confusion. I don't know how certain rumors got started but the tendency of the English fanbase is to read joke posts on 2ch (Japan's 4chan) and translate/announce them as if they represent actual news. We all fell into that trap with "Narikiri Dungeon 4", several days after April Fools'. And then the following year gave us Vesperia PS3 via the Weekly Shounen Jump leak on April Fools' Day itself. We didn't believe it at that time because wtf pirate loli and the NariDan 4 debacle, but Baba's trolling technique is quite stellar.
(Edit - This is part of the reason why I discourage the creation of pages until some sort of official release already exists, so that things can be confirmed for truth and so enough info can be provided beyond the earliest glimpses of their pre-alpha content. A lot of things can change from now until release, and that female protag will probably just be a marketing point, like Kohaku's ass, until it is revealed that she's just sharing the role with a male protag yet again. I'll just continue to emphasize this for certain people.)
Now I don't know why I filled out the table and made it comprehensive as fuck, but meh, might as well. Credit goes to the contributors of this thread. I swear that I remember Namdai registered "Linear Motion Battle" as a trademark during the Hearts/KeroroRPG era but I can't find anything. Even if two-thirds of these didn't make it as actual games, the sheer quantity of games especially post-2007 really emphasizes what I'm always saying about the Tales Cycle.
Shizune Hakamichi (talk) 02:17, June 8, 2015 (UTC)

Apart from Trivia sections, would such information belong anywhere else? It's quite an elaborate table.

Arosia (talk) 03:11, June 8, 2015 (UTC)

You're right, it probably should go on the main namespace as long as it is clarified well that Namdai's practices involve trademarking a set of names for any given possible release, and that the unused ones are either recycled or left to expire. The majority of these probably have expired by now. The NA branch also does something similar by trademarking the titles released in Japan and then sitting on the trademarks without even bothering to localize most of them until they expire, Rebirth being an example from a few years back, leading to much hype and anticipation among fans who don't know any better (and some who do but still want to believe).
The ideal place to put this content is on the overall series article that this talk page conveniently is attached to, but it will greatly unbalance the kind of content that is on the page. I think some things need to be reorganized as well, like the game listing should be higher on the page, if not the first section since it is a priority topic for most readers, while continuities should be lower on the page. If a separate page is created for this trademark stuff, I wouldn't know how to organize it.
Shizune Hakamichi (talk) 03:57, June 8, 2015 (UTC)

I don't mind adding it myself, but as you said, the page is already in need of cleaning/re-organization. I'll add it to the imaginary to-do list I keep in my head.

Arosia (talk) 06:04, June 8, 2015 (UTC)

Minor games

Where would it be appropriate to add in Kamenin Merchant? This was a DSi companion game for Tales of Graces Wii. Also Tales of My Shuffle, the irl trading card game which existed before Card Evolve. Also Tales of the Town, a browser social chat game.

I would simply group them into a category dubbed "Other Titles" due to their miscellaneous nature and lack of a defined category.

Arosia (talk) 03:46, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

Hm. Maybe we can fit in the ToI Voice Adventure DVD with this. Even though it is similar to the Viva animation shorts and Rebirth PSP's how-to peach pie recipe DVD, the ToI omake was kinda like a visual novel, with similar "gameplay" through choice.
Audrey Belrose is my spirit animal. (talk) 04:07, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

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