A little bit of a retcon for what was added here recently

The claim about a Jump magazine revelation on the game's title/artist/characteristic name seems to be a false rumor, since these scans don't seem to exist on 2ch. If it did, the screenshots would be everywhere, and we would have actual sources to back up what was added to this page. But we have none at this time, and everything that has been added to this page, even the game's name, remains to be pure speculation (certainly likely due to the new "tog" subdomain on Tales Channel, but still speculation based on several recently trademarked names). As such, the only true bit of information is that this "Tales of Ten" will be released on the Wii console. Please disregard all other claims on the article as unverified rumors, until proper references are discovered.

I'll let someone else delink/delete this page or whatever else, if it really needs to be done. For anyone on Wikipedia proper who sees this article, please know that you cannot use the current existing info as a reliable source, as we have none of our own.

Sorry for any troubles. All information will be updated as soon as it is known, once we have proper confirmation from Namco or other official sources.

Mayu Miyuki 20:44, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

The actual name is Tales of Graces. [1]

Yes, I'm aware of the scans. I'm the one who posted them on /v/ just now you know...
There's still a chance that they're fake. I'll wait until later today to fix things on this wiki.
Mayu Miyuki 17:09, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

Good News

Nathbud789 here.On my constant searches of youtube I found a video by HiagoX that has all of tales of Graces Hi Ougis(Mystic Artes) subbed in English. If anyone is interested in putting the translations in the link is here. Click here. If you are new here make sure you put the reference to this. (This is serious OK!)

Spoilers, can anyone translate?

I'm new,GracesFan, and I found this video about Tales of Graces F and it's new Hi-Ougi's, from both enemies and playable characters. It has major spoilers, right here, my Japanese is very, very limited so can someone tell me what they're called? Can anyone please translate this? All I know is, it was really surprising to me seeing these Hi-Ougi's so early.

The official Tales forum or the appropriate GameFAQs board is probably a better bet for these kind of things in general. At the moment, in particular, we're working on a site move so not many people are going to be here, and we don't have many translators beside. Lanate (talk) 17:17, December 4, 2010 (UTC)


I know for a fact that Tales of Graces f has multiplayer. But I can't find any definitive info other than people asking how to turn it off or about camera angles? If anyone finds any info can they add it to the article Guess where my name's from, March 11, 2011 Reverse 11 (talk)--

English Release

Here is proof about some of the english voice actors:

So far, this mentions who does the voices of Asbel (and young Asbel), Sophie, Hubert, Cheria, Pascal, Malik, Richard (as well as young Richard), Emeraude, Raymond Ozwell, President Paradine (the ruler of Strahta), Lambda, and Fodra/Little Queen. --Agarfinkel 01:42, July 12, 2012 (UTC)agarfinkel--Agarfinkel 01:42, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

Confirmed 3.13.2012

Also Bryce Papenbrook voices adult Asbel and Tara Strong voices Sophie. Gammer10 {ADMIN} 22:24, December 9, 2011 (UTC)

You're right with Asbel, but I'm pretty sure Sophie's voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris. All the other characters are pure speculation at this point.

Also, since we got an official feed from Namco, are we gonna change the Arte names for the characters to the English version yet? Or are we gonna wait till it's out officially?

Until the actual game, none of the arte, skill, item, etc. pages are getting changed. Lanate (talk) 00:03, December 10, 2011 (UTC)
EDIT: A demo would have its own page. Lanate (talk) 00:04, December 10, 2011 (UTC)

You know I think you may be right about Sophie. But does that mean we can change the English release date? Gammer10 {ADMIN} 01:35, December 10, 2011 (UTC)

I don't intend to watch that trailer - I just opened the link to make sure it's on Hometek's channel. And I haven't poked around the TSF to look at that the responses on the localization thread yet. So I'm assuming this is an official announcement of the date? If so, then the date can be added to the page.
As for voice actors, as I have had to say so many times within the past few days, ALL voice actor identities are considered to be speculation unless that person or any group he/she works for states that the character is voiced by him/her. I don't care how similar the voices seem to be, they simply will not be credited without such a direct and unquestionable statement used as a citation. Speculation is intolerable on this wiki, and any guesses about any char's voice actor are unacceptable.
Finally, there will be no additions of arte names (note: do not capitalize "arte") on any of our pages until the game or a demo is released for public consumption, exactly as Lanate says. The video footage that currently exists comes from a trade demo sent to Gametrailers (no I don't give a damn that the multiple save slots means it "could" be the full game), meaning anything and everything is open to be changed before a public release. We simply will not acknowledge the trade demo anywhere except in the "Version History" section of the article for Graces itself. And so the arte names will not be acknowledged at all until there is some sort of public release that establishes those names as official.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 04:57, December 10, 2011 (UTC)


Now that this game has been released in English for a fair amount of time, when is this page going to get an overhaul?

Moviebaby 18:27, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

Whenever someone can manage to do so with necessary accuracy and completion. I do not have the English version of the game, nor the interest to play the game even if I brought my consoles overseas, nor a PS3 in the first place. I focus on overhauling all of the auxiliary pages, which I had been doing since the game was released indeed, were it not for certain distractions from certain parties.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 21:56, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

Here's a little thing

If anyone that has the English version of Graces f is curious, someone posted a save file on Gamefaqs that apparently has all of the books in the game completed 100%. Something like this will be beneficial in compiling and adding all the data to the wiki. I'll link it here:

Beginning Edit

I started to edit the story here, but can't do it all at once, so I will pick it up later today. I have the english game, and have completed it, so I will work on this page, the character pages, and the location pages in due time. Kozunai 17:07, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

How are "Remodeling," "Equipment Skills," and "Strategy" defined?

I'm not sure what these terms mean. I have the localized version of Graces f, and have played it for over 100 hours, and I still don't understand what these page names could be for. A little elaboration would be helpful. Maybe I can provide information for these articles. They might even require re-naming to fit with the localized release. MabiEditor (talk) 04:11, August 20, 2012 (UTC)

User talk:JoeTang#Dualize
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 09:44, August 20, 2012 (UTC)

Reposting the Ephinea World Template I made.

Since you've been creating more templates for the Tales games, Mayu, I figured I'd dig up the Graces world template I posted in Moviebaby's archive once and repost it for use. I think it looks pretty good, but lemme know what you think of it.

Lhant | Barona | Gralesyde | Turtlez HQ | Cat-Crazy Coot's House | Port to Barona | West Lhant Port
Lhant Hill | Barona Catacombs | Orlen Woods | Seaside Cavern | Wallbridge Ruins | Wallbridge | Barona Castle | Gustworks Ruins
East Lhant Highroad | North Barona Road | West Lhant Road | North Lhant Road | South Barona Highroad | Gralesyde Highroad | Old Grale Highroad
Oul Raye | Sable Izolle | Yu Liberte | Beach Resort | Oswell Family Vault | North Yu Liberte Port
Strahta Desert Ruins | Sandshroud Ruins | Inside the Rockgagong
Strahta Craglands | Strahta Desert (East) | Strahta Desert (West) | Strahta Desert (North) | Uncharted Sandstretch
Velanik | Zavhert | Amarcian Enclave | South Velanik Port | Port to Zavhert
Fendel Research Laboratory | Fendel Tower | Fendel Glacier Ruins | Snowshroud Ruins
Fendel Borderlands | Fendel Mountain Pass | Fendel Highlands | Mt. Zavhert | Glacier Road | Untrodden Snowfield | Shuttle Crash Site
Telos Astue
Humanoid Research Center | Bathus Citadel | Eleth Research Laboratory | Arcadia Garden | Lastalia Shaft
Region 13 | Region 66
Warrior's Roost | World's Eye | Ghardia Shaft | Zhonecage | Katz Korner

The first line in each section indicates towns, the second indicates dungeons, and the third indicates overworld locations. Technically, Ephinea and Fodra are two entirely different worlds. Fodra is an entire planet while Ephinea is a satellite that orbits around it. I'm pretty sure there's no name for the entirety of the Graces universe, though, so I just made Ephinea the main hub of the template. That's where most of the game takes place anyway. MabiEditor (talk) 00:52, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

But the overworld zones are story-irrelevant. I don't think you realize what it is I'm doing when I was fixing these templates. I was clearing out a lot of outdated code that no longer works because of mischief by Wikia Central. Your thing has to be rewritten from scratch, and many of the places that you listed are pointless and should be removed. After all, you are not even sorting things in an ideal way since Fodra is not part of Ephinea, as you note yourself, rendering your entire template void. I'm not inclined to support anything you make, by the way.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 00:58, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

Wikipedia nod

Making note that the "Story" section of this page was taken from Wikipedia and revised slightly to adhere to this wiki's standards.

Arosia (talk) 07:45, August 2, 2015 (UTC)