So what do any of you think the odds of Milla being in this game are? And if she were, would she be 20 or 21?

Signed, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx Club 18:19, August 30, 2012 (UTC)

Actually, I pretty much thought that she might not appear. Tales of Xillia is focused on the new spirit called the Origin (or so I've heard). But, let's just wait for the game to go out :D

GamerGirlzPS2 (talk) 08:26, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

Origin is just an entity derived from Gin (which most people spell as Jin but the point of the name is the verbal pun, so I'm inclined to use "g"). As for Milla, she has already transcended the physical state of being by becoming the role she was ascribed for, replacing Maxwell as Maxwell. Gasp spoilers btw. Asking for her to come back in tangible form is like asking for Grune to return in some Legendia sequel. In fact, it's the exact same situation. And given how Grune is age infinity...
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 10:08, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

All right, you make a good point. So, what are the odds that Ludger is an extension of Origin?

Signed, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx Club 01:39, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

Abyssal Chronicles says Milla will return in Xillia 2. I told you so.

Signed, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx Club 22:41, September 14, 2012 (UTC)

New stuffEdit

I've added the references requested. The part about 骸殻 can be seen in the youtube video, where Bisley I believe mentions that it is a special ability that the Kresnik family was given/cursed with. Julius has the same power. I translated it as Bone Husk, but I've seen Corpse Shell somewhere else. I don't believe there is anything official in regards to that, if there ever will be. I also took the liberty with Arrowsel Orb. Was there an official romanisation of Liliale Orb somewhere?

Also, Milla's character page lists her name as just [Milla], presumably since she's no longer Maxwell, nor can she control his powers or the Four Great Spirits, she no longer uses that name.

JoeTang (talk) 18:52, October 12, 2012 (UTC)

About Milla, many things unconfirmed from many discussions and trailers posted on forums like tales namco, famitsu, gamefaqs, and others. She has different personality and she doesn't recognize the old friends on ToX1. This lead speculations either she get amnesia or she is a doppleganger. For now, I think we just leave Milla's info based on website. There is a reason why Milla's status art in ToX2 got deleted in her wikia page.

Veeshadow (talk) 23:45, October 12, 2012 (UTC)

Liliale Orb was never officially written, but since Xillia is being localized, we can expect an official translation soon enough. The name "liliale" was chosen based on its flower design, linking it with the word itself based on research performed by Lunar Eclipse on the TSF. I am also aware of the Corpse Shell translation being thrown around the TSF (and then some dolt goes on to modify the translation to "Corpse Mode", which goes even further by inventing terms instead of following the kanji), but with nothing official, we can only go with whatever seems to make sense until something official pops out, like the style names in Graces. People on the TSF also suggested "Arousal Orb".
And yes, as far as we know, Milla is not the same as the one in the previous game. It might even be another Kanonno situation in which there is one in every world. Even Frio and Kyaro each exist as three distinct individuals in the span of two games, which is kinda awkward when they encounter themselves in NariDan 3.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 04:56, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

So, it's confirmed in the game that Milla Maxwell is playable and she is permanent party member while that doppleganger Milla is just temporary member. I just don't know how to edit characters section if we need it, since they technically same person I mean in the game when Dopple Milla leaves, Milla Maxwell inherit her stats, artes, and everything you achieve in the game except that Dopple Milla doesn't have any Mystic Artes (MA) and real Milla Maxwell will learn MA.

Veeshadow (talk) November 5, 2012 (UTC)

Gee thanks, for blatantly writing out that thing I -whited out- directly below for the sake of hiding spoilers out of courtesy to people who are playing the game. It's like you're really up to date on this sort of thing, just amazing! How can we ever show our greatest appreciation for this truly generous act of service?
Edit - In case the sarcasm was lacking, seriously goddamn.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 13:04, November 5, 2012 (UTC)

Reverse CoverEdit

Hey Joe, can we have a scan of the cats? Just for posterity's sake, though we could drop it on the Xillia 2 page as a general cameo thing without speculating as to who is represented by each neko. Also this game's story is a headache and a half, just like Phantasia when its extended trifecta is taken into consideration.

Edit - Aww Lunar started translating the artes for Ludger on the TSF before I could start on it. Been busy, what with All Saints' Day being a very big thing in this country I've been living in for the past couple of years now.

Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 22:54, November 2, 2012 (UTC)

I'll see if I can get it scanned at a friend's place later since I don't own a scanner myself. I also have the Tales of Xillia 2 Magazine thing. It has everyone's character design sketches inside, but I'm sure those are already floating around.
Apparently you can take screenshots in-game. I'm not sure if Xillia supported this, but I imagine it did since how else would you share your wacky attachment set-ups? Anyways, here's one I thought you would enjoy.
As for the Arousal Orb, I still think it should be something involving Arrow (i.e. arrowsel/arrowcell) in the name, since there's, well, arrows on it. And it's pronounced nothing like
I have a design for the page coming along, and I'm recording everything as I get it, since the JP wiki will likely update as fast as they did for Liliale Orb (i.e. our tables are complete, they only have Jude's 1st orb and half of everyone elses?). A table similar to the Liliale Orb's should be able to account for everything unless somehow the orb uses three elements for skills later on, which wouldn't really make sense since it's two dimensional.
I didn't notice this until I saw the icons in a ToX2 trailer, but in the instruction manual for ToX and ToX2, spells are subdivided into 下級術, 中級術, 上級術, if we want to use those. The status ailments are now Burn (Fire), Petrify (Earth), Paralyze (Wind), Skill Seal (Water), Charm (Light), Poison (Dark), Bleed (Slash), Break (Blow), Clumbsy (Shot), and Stun.
JoeTang (talk) 00:35, November 3, 2012 (UTC)
If the subdivisions for spells exist, then they should be used. Just let me know which spells are classified as what and I'll make the changes accordingly, or you can do it yourself if you want. We should also use the status effect names as they are shown in the context of the game, overriding anything localized until the game itself is localized (if ever), like we do for Force instead of Artes in Rebirth. For Arrowcell Orb, this will be the name I will use given your reasoning. If anyone complains on the TSF, I'll copy your explanation if that's okay with you. Arrowsel isn't as intuitive as being related to "arrow" and it looks rather engrishy. Oh, and there's Frengrish and Germangrish for Ludger's hammer artes and weapons respectively, so that will be quite fun to interpret based on what Lunar was able to come up with.
I'm counting on you to fill in basic details like TP costs at default, since I'm gonna start working on everyone's arte lists now. I notice that the returning chars have their arte lists essentially intact and identical, with a few added on based on what was shown on trailers, but I'm not inclined to believe the TP costs and other details are the same unless confirmation is made by someone who has the game. Conveniently there's you, but I'm sorry to put a lot of work on your shoulders. I just want to make sure that everyone actually gets these artes and that the given data on the atwiki I'm going to use is accurate. And finally, this will be a (restrained) spoiler so I'll white it out as a courtesy for you and others who read this page while the game is still new. I'm not sure if we might need to make a blatant distinction between Milla M. and her Alt for arte lists and everything else, depending on how different their abilities are. If Original Milla inherits the Arrowcell data and titles from Alt Milla, then we might be able to get away with treating them as the same character in terms of these list pages to avoid spoilers, although they do deserve individual articles since they are officially separate characters... but then there are other technicalities to consider, which I will discuss once you reach endgame. Otherwise, we need to make separate pages for each, and the resulting nav-template will make it obvious that Original Milla is playable. I'll start with the assumption that their data is shared, however, and we can make changes if it becomes clear that things are different.
Edit - A reminder regarding "Elize", just keep in mind that we will continue to use Elise until Xillia 1 is localized. It is at that point that everything that uses her name will be converted, including content regarding the sequel, supposing this name change is in the final game. It will not be done at any point earlier than this. The same goes for any other potential changes... I spy Museeeeeeee.
Edit again - Also, let me know if Julius or anyone else ever joins the party and travels with them, even if they are not playable. Obviously Elle is one of these, as is her phat fat cat and Tipo.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 03:36, November 3, 2012 (UTC)
I'll be updating things as I see them when you have the artes pages up. My primary focus will be on getting Arrowcell done on my end and then making pages for those, since some genius thought it would be a good idea to not display requirements for stuff you've already learned. For arte damage, there's upgrades that will improve the base strength, so I'll try to get rough estimates for damage dealt for before and after, particularly if I'm about to learn the skill. It's a fairly simple process for physical artes. Magic is a bit more tricky if I don't know what base 100% does. I don't want to waste too much time on it though.
JoeTang (talk) 04:34, November 3, 2012 (UTC)
This site has quite a bit of Arrowsel stuff already. I'm unimpressed by the lack of other content, but at least the link artes are easy to see here.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 06:11, November 3, 2012 (UTC)
Is "Clumbsy" written that way officially? Ugh, people are gonna think we're the ones who are writing it wrong here.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 05:24, November 4, 2012 (UTC)
Oh. I just spelled Clumsy wrong. There are no official English names available. It's supposed to be a translation of 鈍化. I don't want to call it slow, because it doesn't physically slow your character, and slow is 鈍重 in Xillia 1. Any better suggestion? For your party it makes consecutive attacks impossible. For enemies, it reduces the frequency of their attacks. Blow's is 破壊. And I guess we should change Blow to Strike, since that's what it was localised as in Graces. With this status active, the next hit will cause Guard Break. Not sure if it dispels after that.
JoeTang (talk) 08:29, November 4, 2012 (UTC)
Grr, then if it's not official I'll change Skill Seal to just plain Seal, since the effect always relates to -artes- not -skills-. It's the one that's causing spacing problems. And if it's not officially written out, then we have to use the Graces terms.
Edit - Reminder: don't invent terms.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 08:33, November 4, 2012 (UTC)
Skill Seal is written as スキル封印. I'll write down everything now so it's here.
  • Fire: 炎上 - Take damage while it's active. Free run to recover faster.
  • Earth: 石化 - Turn into a rock, unable to do anything. Button mash to recover faster. (Literally says to push buttons, I'd assume joystick movement doesn't help then)
  • Wind: 麻痺 - Your body is in shock, interrupting some attacks. Standby to recover faster. i.e. stand still, don't guard.
  • Water: スキル封印 - Nullifies the effects of skills. Guard to recover faster.
  • Light: チャーム - Become uncontrollable, attacking enemies and allies alike. Button mash to recover faster.
  • Dark: 毒 - Same as fire. Standby to recover faster.
  • Slash: 出血 - Take damage whenever you attack. Standby to recover faster.
  • Strike: 破壊 - Next hit causes guard break. Step to recover faster.
  • Shot: 鈍化 - Unable to do consecutive attacks/artes. Enemies attack less frequently. Appeal to recover faster.
The icon for Shot's looks like Fear(frowny face) except it's yellow. I'll take a screenshot of it later. I don't recognise if it's from another game. The faster recovery stuff didn't exist in ToX1. Just let me know if there's anything else that you want clarified or screenshotted, and I'll check back in about 20 minutes before I start playing again.
JoeTang (talk) 08:53, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

スキル封印 is Sealed Artes in Vesperia. That's even longer! *grumble* The effects of Slash/Strike/Shot obviously didn't exist in past games as written exactly, but the first kanji for the Shot one is often used for slow in any game.

Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 09:21, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

Here's me, dodging responsibility for tagging an image by uploading it elsewhere. I can label the cats when I find them all in-game.
JoeTang (talk) 20:01, November 5, 2012 (UTC)
Glorious. I love Natnatcat, and I heard that her name becomes Natalinya which is adorable. I can't wait to hear the Gaius neko voiced, teehee.
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 22:33, November 5, 2012 (UTC)

Multiple endings?Edit

Aww man, I hate that. When the game is localized I'll have to look at a walkthrough just to find out which decisions lead to the perfect ending. Man it vexes me so. Then again, the phrase: Choices that alter the future should have given that away. It's going to be frustrating trying to find which right choices will give you the perfect ending. Jst ranting about it.Signed, Winxfan1. I am the ultimate fan of Winx Club 10:53, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

Spoilz. This story is so warped that one could say every ending is a bad end. It's like School Days without the harem ends OR the nice boat. (Isn't it sad, Secchan? ;_____; )
Byakuren Hijiri (talk) 10:59, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

This evening is gonna be fuuuun.Edit


Just a reminder for everyone, Xill2 is about to be released in English, tomorrow in most time zones, so things will have to be changed. I'll handle arte/skill lists and page renames for Arrowcell stuffs when I get home tonight, to try (and likely still fail to) avoid myself having to clean up after others who might preempt me and cause issues, especially due to the Wikia VisualEditor thing. This is of course supposing that there is already a full listing of arte names this soon after the game is released, and I'm not considering MabiEditor's translated arte list on the reserve forums, which is based on the pre-release gameplay videos/trailers. Some others will have to handle any changed char names within our text-based articles, aside from the middle name thing. And we need to come to a proper decision regarding the middle names, so the category/template infrastructure can be fixed now if ever.

Shizune Hakamichi (talk) 23:06, August 18, 2014 (UTC)

If you haven't seen it yet, this web page may help you. I compiled a list of localized arte names as they were revealed. The list is incomplete but it should help.

MabiEditor (talk) 23:46, August 18, 2014 (UTC)


Removed the spam referencing of our affiliate in regard to date releases (...) and also removed voice actor information from characters, as this belongs on their respective pages. In the future, I'd like to avoid this issue that I've noticed with newly-released games. The excessive referencing, which has literally gone so far as to make note of costume DLCs, is messy and renders some coding practically unreadable. I mean, I just assumed everyone who edits this wiki understood what things should be referenced and what things shouldn't.

Yell at me if you disagree, but I see this excessive referencing as nothing more than a justification for users to inject a spam of random tidbits of information into new pages without any regard to actually writing content that will expand the page's article. These past few games that have been released (this one, ToZ, and ToB) are victims of this very nonsense. Users are in such a rush to create the pages that their histories end up with a spam of minor details and referencing, which is all veiled under the pretense of contributing. It would be so much nicer to wait a while and begin such pages with healthy amounts of information that don't require referencing because there's little to no dispute anymore.

Anyway, rant over. The story information I added to a few game pages, including this one, was taken from Wikipedia, though I had to practically rewrite each to fix grammatical errors, adjust spellings, and link pages properly. There were only a few game pages with a single paragraph of story information, so I took the liberty of borrowing from Wikipedia since game plots are integral to game pages and I doubt anyone would write the plots otherwise.

Arosia (talk) 04:22, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

Hear hear. Just be careful with Wikipedia copying and always say you are doing it if so. The Wikipedia license asks for attribution, but it specifically states that a notation within the page history is sufficient (meaning the edit summaries). The text is obviously being copied to our wiki under a compatible Creative Commons license so there should be no problem aside from that. My only reservation is that I just don't like to copy text content from any site. I don't want others, particularly that one person, to view this as an excuse to start copying content wholesale from Wikipedia in order to "contribute".
Audrey Belrose is my spirit animal. (talk) 04:56, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

Oi! I was not aware of such. Thanks for letting me know. This is the first time I've actually done it myself despite noticing it elsewhere on the wiki. I will make note of it for each of those pages, as well as any others I may notice, though there's not a possibility of there being many. I don't like copying either, but I feel confident with Wikipedia and know in the back of my mind that those plot summaries wouldn't have been written otherwise. Or, even worse, they would have been written poorly, in spurts, or in constant need of revising. I feel like the game pages are the meat of the wiki, so I wanted to flesh a few of the important yet lacking ones. I understand what you're saying, though. Comparatively, however, many of the Tales Wikipedia pages are just as lacking as some of our own, so that may deter any user from making it a habit.

Arosia (talk) 05:47, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

Wikipedia nodEdit

Making note that the "Story" section of this page was taken from Wikipedia and revised slightly to adhere to this wiki's standards.

Arosia (talk) 07:46, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

What about Elle?Edit

I know she’s not a playable character, but shouldn’t Elle be on the character list? She is very important to the story development.

Garmagic (talk) 15:46, January 12, 2018 (UTC)