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Tataroo Valley
Tataroo Valley (TotA)
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Malkuth Empire
Region Ispanian Peninsula
Ruler Peony Upala Malkuth IX
A valley almost completely untouched by man. Home to the very rare selenia flower, which only blooms at night.

Tataroo Valley is the first dungeon visited in Tales of the Abyss.


Tataroo Valley is located on the Ispanian Peninsula, north of Chesedonia in Malkuth's territory. The valley is a large, serene area with elevated trails and clean air, seemingly untouched by humanity. It contains Selenia flowers, plants that only bloom in clusters around fon slots, indicating a Sephiroth Tree nearby.


Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants first enter the valley at night after an unintentional hyperresonance occurred between the two in Baticul. When Luke regains consciousness, Tear apologizes for involving him in her and Van Grants's conflict. They agree that she will escort him back to the mansion and proceed through the valley. At the valley's entrance, they meet a coach driver who agrees to take them to the capital in exchange for Tear's pendant. On the way, they spot a Malkuth landship, the Tartarus, chasing a group of thieves known as the Dark Wings. The theives manage to cross Rotelro Bridge and destroy it, severing the chase. Luke and Tear then realize they are in Malkuth territory, heading to the capital, Grand Chokmah, as opposed to Kimlasca's capital, Baticul. Being that the bridge is now out, the two travel to the nearby Engeve instead.

Later in the story, the group visits the valley a second time in hopes of finding the passage ring and measuring the core's vibration frequency. As the group traverses the valley, Anise Tatlin spots a rare butterfly and attempts to capture it, hoping to make some Gald. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs, and Anise nearly falls off a cliff, but Guy Cecil unexpectedly rescues her. Afterward, the group encounters a "Uniceros", a legendary creature that dwells in areas with clean air. Mieu speaks with the monster, but it attacks in an agitated state. After the fight, it communicates to Mieu that it reacted to the miasma in Tear's body. Confused, the group allows the monster to flee. After breaking the Daathic and Yulian Seals, the group measures the core's vibration and begins making preparations for the lowering of the Outer Lands. Jade Curtiss then states that the plan is to link all the remaining passage rings together and lower the Outer Lands all at once. When finished discussing the details, the group exits the valley and returns to Sheridan to report the results to the researchers there.

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