Spin Slash (ToD PSX)

Spin Slash as it appears in Tales of Destiny (PSX).

This article is about the Swordsman arte "Tempest Strike". For the spell, see Tempest. For the game, see Tales of the Tempest.

Tempest Strike (裂空斬 Rekkuuzan?, "Fissure Sky Slash"[1] / "Rending Air Slash"), also localized as Spin Slash, is a classic technique in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

When using the arte, the user somersaults into the air while extending their weapon outward, slashing the enemies multiple times while airborne. In the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 ports of Tales of Symphonia, a Fire-elemental property can be added to Lloyd Irving's attack through the use of the "Garnet" accessory, the S. Seal: Fire arte, a Fire-elemental weapon, or the "Red Quartz" item to replace it with the more powerful Fire-based arte Blazing Tempest, if Lloyd has used the arte over 200 times. This new arte does not appear in the original GameCube version of the game.[2] In Tales of Graces, Asbel Lhant can use this arte only while he is a child.


Mothership Titles

Tempest Strike (ToE)

Tempest Strike as it appears in Tales of Eternia.

Escort Titles

Tempest (TotA)

Tempest as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Mobile Titles

Tempest Strike (ToI)

Tempest Strike as it appears in Tales of Innocence.


Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tempest Strike (ToG)

Tempest Strike as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Tales of Destiny (PSX)

Localized Description: "A spin attack that starts with a small jump."[3]

Tales of Eternia

Localized Description: "The enemy above is struck by spinning blades."[4]

Tales of Symphonia

Localized Description: "Lv. 1 Sp. Attack: attack the enemy with a spiral cut."

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Localized Description: "Base: Attack the enemy with spinning slashes."


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