Teresa Linares
Teresa Linares
Game Tales of Berseria
Age 24
Height 168 cm
Race Human
Occupation Praetor Exorcist
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Yui Horie
English Voice Actor Brina Palencia[1]
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Teresa Linares (テレサ・リナレス Teresa Rinaresu?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Berseria. She is a praetor-rank exorcist and the half-sibling sister of Oscar Dragonia.


Teresa governs Hellawes, the northern area of the Holy Midgand Empire and has gained the title of "Frozen Queen" because of her stoic and cold personality, but she dotes on Oscar and shows her kindness only to him. She was initially tethered to two members of the malakhim race, referring to them as "Number One" and "Number Two" and using them for their malak artes.

Appearance and Personality

Teresa has long, premium-blond hair, light skin, and green eyes. She is tall and carries an air of refinement with her, the outfit she dons consisting of the standard exorcist colors. She wears an extravagant dress and long, armored heels. Teresa's frigid personality seemingly makes her a standoffish person with a warm spot only for Oscar.

Fighting Style

In battle, Teresa fights alongside the aide of her two tethered malakhim, Number One and Number Two, while she herself uses a staff to perform martial artes of varying elements. Her only malak arte is Final Embrace, and her Break Soul is Northern Lights (ノーザンライト Noozanraito?, "Northern Light"), a powerful attack that encompasses a large radius around her. While fighting as a therion, she fights using a spear and utilizes a variety of Fire-elemental martial, hidden, and malak artes. Her Break Soul in this form is Screw Driver, and her mystic arte is Violent Mix.


Teresa (Concept).jpg
Concept artwork. 
Teresa (Therion).jpg
Therion artwork. 
Teresa Cut-in (ToB).png
Cut-in image for Tales of Berseria. 


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