The Best of Tales
The Best of Tales
Catalog Number •AVCD-23302
Release Date July 4, 2007
Publishers Avex Trax
Format 1 Disc, 10 Tracks

The Best of Tales is a soundtrack featuring ten singles from multiple titles in the Tales series.

Track Listing

  1. "VS" - Misono
  2. "TAO" - Do As Infinity
  3. "Good Night" - Every Little Thing
  4. "And I Can Do This" - Day After Tomorrow
  5. "Starry Heavens" - Day After Tomorrow
  6. "Key to My Heart" - Mai Kuraki
  7. "Flying" - Garnet Crow
  8. "The Dream Will Not Die ~The Spilling Drops of Time~" - Yo Mi
  9. "To Be a Dream" - Deen
  10. "The Dream Will Not Die ~The Spilling Drops of Time~" - Yukari Yoshida


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