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This article contains contents that are not localized in North America or Europe.
The following contents have not been released in the English language and are based on data from the Japanese version of this game. Details are subject to change at any given time.
Title Requirements
  • default title
Isaac no Musuko
  • after events at Cyril, speak to kid to the west
  • pick second choice
  • after Garr and Chelsea join the party, talk to woman on second floor of Heidelberg's inn
  • pick second choice
Royal Aura
  • in the second part of the game, equip Garr with the Isaac no Musuko (イザークの息子?) title
  • talk to cat girl near Darilsheid's Weapon Shop
  • after Garr and Chelsea join the party, make Garr the on-screen character
  • complete the following:
  • speak with a traveler in Janos's bar
  • talk to the young person in Harmentz's second area's southeast
  • enter house and speak with mother to get three Blau Liquid
  • enter west house in Darilshield to trade with male for three Rot Liquid
  • go north and speak with Oberon Member
  • talk to girl near Armeida's weapon shop for three Gelb Liquid
  • talk to chief's daughter in the left house to the north
  • talk to man near the Neustadt's arena's entrance
  • talk to female near entrance to inn for three Blau Liquid
  • talk to girl near Cresta's inn for three
  • talk to youth near Weapon Shop
  • equip Chelsea with the Otona ni Akogareru Shoujo (大人に憧れる少女?) title
  • in second part of game, talk to Alba at his place
Honke Zatsugaku-ou
  • in second part of game, talk to Quiz Kid in Harmentz
Dash Ouke
  • win race against Neuestadt boy as Garr
Natural Ranger
  • go everywhere on world map
  • trigger a skit in any city
Quiz Kenkyuukai Danshibuchou
  • equip Philia with the Ganso Zatsugaku-ou (元祖雑学王?) title
  • equip Garr with the Honke Zatsugaku-ou (本家雑学王?) title
  • talk to Kratos at Harmentz
  • answer all quiz questions correctly
Celeb Daihyou
  • after meeting up with Rutee again, talk to the man in Darilsheid's castle prison
Poker Face
  • go through hotsprings twice: once chosing men and the other women
Kokka Jigyou Shounin
  • handle trade
Hyousetsu to Shunpuu no Shugosha
  • beat Barbatos at bottom of hidden dungeon


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