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This article is based on data from a Japanese-only game.
The following content has not been released in the English language, so details are subject to change at any given time.
Title Requirements
  • default title
Isaac no Musuko
  • after events at Cyril, speak to kid to the west
  • pick second choice
  • after Garr and Chelsea join the party, talk to woman on second floor of Heidelberg's inn
  • pick second choice
Royal Aura
  • in the second part of the game, equip Garr with the Isaac no Musuko (イザークの息子?) title
  • talk to cat girl near Darilsheid's Weapon Shop
  • after Garr and Chelsea join the party, make Garr the on-screen character
  • complete the following:
  • speak with a traveler in Janos's bar
  • talk to the young person in Harmentz's second area's southeast
  • enter house and speak with mother to get three Blau Liquid
  • enter west house in Darilshield to trade with male for three Rot Liquid
  • go north and speak with Oberon Member
  • talk to girl near Armeida's weapon shop for three Gelb Liquid
  • talk to chief's daughter in the left house to the north
  • talk to man near the Neustadt's arena's entrance
  • talk to female near entrance to inn for three Blau Liquid
  • talk to girl near Cresta's inn for three
  • talk to youth near Weapon Shop
  • equip Chelsea with the Otona ni Akogareru Shoujo (大人に憧れる少女?) title
  • in second part of game, talk to Alba at his place
Honke Zatsugaku-ou
  • in second part of game, talk to Quiz Kid in Harmentz
Dash Ouke
  • win race against Neuestadt boy as Garr
Natural Ranger
  • go everywhere on world map
  • trigger a skit in any city
Quiz Kenkyuukai Danshibuchou
  • equip Philia with the Ganso Zatsugaku-ou (元祖雑学王?) title
  • equip Garr with the Honke Zatsugaku-ou (本家雑学王?) title
  • talk to Kratos at Harmentz
  • answer all quiz questions correctly
Celeb Daihyou
  • after meeting up with Rutee again, talk to the man in Darilsheid's castle prison
Poker Face
  • go through hotsprings twice: once chosing men and the other women
Kokka Jigyou Shounin
  • handle trade
Hyousetsu to Shunpuu no Shugosha
  • beat Barbatos at bottom of hidden dungeon


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