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This article is based on data from a Japanese-only game.
The following content has not been released in the English language, so details are subject to change at any given time.

The following is a list of artes that are available to Leon Magnus in Tales of Destiny. All artes that are exclusive to the Director's Cut version of the game are highlighted with a gray background.

Title Requirements
Oukoku Kyakuin Kenshi
  • default title
Sweet Boy
  • talk to the boy in front of Noischtat's Ice Candy Shop
  • pick second choice
Seingald no Bara
  • talk to the girl in front of Snowfreer's weapon shop
  • pick second choice
Michikusa Kenshi
  • clear an event for Lilith involving going from Neustadt to Linea to Neustadt? during "Leon's Side"
Totsuzen no Houmonsha
  • talk to the following people during "Leon's Side":
  • Philia in Straylize Temple's entrance
  • Priest in Straylize Temple's front hall
  • Clemente in Straylize Temple's northwest room
  • Reynolds in his lab at Darilsheid's Seingald castle
  • Alba in Torn's cabin
  • Garr in Heidelberg castle, in the room before Throne Room
  • Chelsea in the same room as Garr
  • Daezen in Heidelberg castle's Throne Room
  • Mary in her house in Cyril
  • Dalis on roof of Cyril's weapon shop
  • Karyl at Snowfreer's port
  • clear Rank 6 in the arena during "Leon's Side"
Munemade Towel
  • go to Snowfreer Spa during "Leon's Side"
  • choose first choice
Shin'en no Kenshi
  • defeat Barbatos in the Arcana Ruin during "Leon's Side"


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