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The following is a complete list of enemy creatures in the PlayStation version of Tales of Destiny, sorted alphabetically.

Creature Name
Dropped Items
Stolen Items
-9999 &a &a &a &a &a -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 &a &a &a
Aerial Knight (ToD PSX) Aerial Knight 3100 128 516 90 60 30 10 176 50 46 570 421 6 Lemon Gel Oberol G Dycroft
Aile (ToD PSX) Aile 2050 0 435 0 200 10 10 169 30 39 342 291 9 - - Helraios
Alra (ToD PSX) Alra 2104 300 382 72 40 10 10 171 30 41 372 180 23 - Estima Seed Cloudius
Arachnid (ToD PSX) Arachnid 2200 0 442 25 38 8 10 170 50 40 375 310 14 - - Cloudius
Archer (ToD PSX) Archer 900 0 350 28 16 10 10 158 45 28 137 110 13 - Comp. Bow Heidelberg Castle
Assassin (ToD PSX) Assassin 880 0 232 23 20 15 9 153 45 23 90 81 11 - Short Sword Moreau Castle
Baldios (ToD PSX) Baldios
Balrog (ToD PSX) Balrog
Baneshroom (ToD PSX) Baneshroom
Barbarian (ToD PSX) Barbarian
Baruk Songram (ToD PSX) Baruk
Basilisk (ToD PSX) Basilisk
Basilisk King (ToD PSX) Basilisk King
Bat Eye (ToD PSX) Bat Eye
Batista Diego (ToD PSX) Batista (1)
Batista Diego (ToD PSX) Batista (2)
Beast Bear (ToD PSX) Beast Bear
Berserker (ToD PSX) Berserker
Bishop (ToD PSX) Bishop
Black Dragon (ToD PSX) Black Dragon
Black Knight (ToD PSX) Black Knight (1)
Black Knight (ToD PSX) Black Knight (2)
Black Slime (ToD PSX) Black Slime
Blood Slime (ToD PSX) Blood Slime
Blood Wolf (ToD PSX) Blood Wolf
Blue Knight (ToD PSX) Blue Knight
Blue Roper (ToD PSX) Blue Roper (1)
Blue Roper (ToD PSX) Blue Roper (2)
Blue Slime (ToD PSX) Blue Slime
Bone Knight (ToD PSX) Bone Knight
Cave Shark (ToD PSX) Cave Shark
Chunbird (ToD PSX) Chunbird
Clay Demon (ToD PSX) Clay Demon
Clay Golem (ToD PSX) Clay Golem
Combat Bunny (ToD PSX) Combat Bunny
Cotton Dust (ToD PSX) Cotton Dust
Crow (ToD PSX) Crow
Cuttlefish (ToD PSX) Cuttlefish
Dalis Vincent (ToD PSX) Dalis
Dark Knight (ToD PSX) Dark Knight
Dark Mage (ToD PSX) Dark Mage
Desert Fly (ToD PSX) Desert Fly
DG Slime (ToD PSX) DG Slime
Diamond Dust (ToD PSX) Diamond Dust
Discus (ToD PSX) Discus
Dragonfly (ToD PSX) Dragonfly
Dragon Knight (ToD PSX) Dragon Knight
Dragon Newt (ToD PSX) Dragon Newt
Dragontooth (ToD PSX) Dragontooth
Drillfish (ToD PSX) Drillfish
Druaga (ToD PSX) Druaga
Druid (ToD PSX) 1 Druid (1)
Druid (ToD PSX) 2 Druid (2)
Druid Ghost (ToD PSX) Druid Ghost
DY Slime (ToD PSX) DY Slime
Earthworm (ToD PSX) Earthworm
Evil Eye (ToD PSX) Evil Eye
Evilstar (ToD PSX) Evilstar
Evil Sword (ToD PSX) Evil Sword
False Ishtar (ToD PSX) False Ishtar
Fenril (ToD PSX) Fenril
Flame (ToD PSX) Flame
Frost Bunny (ToD PSX) Frost Bunny
G. Bee (ToD PSX) G. Bee
G. Leach (ToD PSX) G. Leach
G. Slug (ToD PSX) G. Slug
Gas Cloud (ToD PSX) Gas Cloud
Ghoul (ToD PSX) Ghoul
Green Roper (ToD PSX) Green Roper (1)
Green Roper (ToD PSX) Green Roper (2)
Green Slime (ToD PSX) Green Slime
Gremlin (ToD PSX) Gremlin
Grizzly (ToD PSX) Grizzly
Healer (ToD PSX) Healer
Healer Knight (ToD PSX) Healer Knight
Hellmaster (ToD PSX) Hellmaster
Holy Knight (ToD PSX) Holy Knight
Hornet (ToD PSX) Hornet
Hugo Gilchrist (ToD PSX) Hugo
Hyper Knight (ToD PSX) Hyper Knight
Ice Golem (ToD PSX) Ice Golem
Ilene Rembrandt (ToD PSX) Ilene
Imp (ToD PSX) Imp
Imp Snail (ToD PSX) Imp Snail
Impulse (ToD PSX) Impulse
Bruiser Khang (ToD PSX) Khang
Killamari (ToD PSX) Killamari
Killer Bee (ToD PSX) Killer Bee
Killer Owl (ToD PSX) Killer Owl
Kraaken (ToD PSX) Kraaken
Kronos (ToD PSX) Kronos
Krystal (ToD PSX) Krystal
Kubitoom (ToD PSX) Kubitoom
Lens Golem (ToD PSX) Lens Golem
Leon Magnus (ToD PSX) 1 Leon (1)
Leon Magnus (ToD PSX) 2 Leon (2)
Leon Magnus (ToD PSX) 3 Leon (3)
Lizard (ToD PSX) Lizard
Lizard Man (ToD PSX) 1 Lizard Man (1)
Lizard Man (ToD PSX) 2 Lizard Man (2)
Lydon Bernhardt (ToD PSX) Lydon
Mage (ToD PSX) Mage
Mage Ghost (ToD PSX) Mage Ghost
Mandragora (ToD PSX) Mandragora
Mandrake (ToD PSX) Mandrake
Mechscorpion (ToD PSX) Mechscorpion
Mirror Knight (ToD PSX) Mirror Knight
Monk Soldier (ToD PSX) Monk Soldier
Monk Warrior (ToD PSX) Monk Warrior
Neuroids (ToD PSX) Neuroids
Nightingale (ToD PSX) Nightingale
Ogre (ToD PSX) Ogre
Orc Jelly (ToD PSX) Orc Jelly
Orcrot (ToD PSX) Orcrot
Orgus (ToD PSX) Orgus
Orgus Queen (ToD PSX) Orgus Queen
Orse (ToD PSX) Orse
Owl (ToD PSX) Owl
Paghoul (ToD PSX) Paghoul
Petit Devil (ToD PSX) Petit Devil
Phyloxin (ToD PSX) Phyloxin
Pirate (ToD PSX) Pirate
Piyo Bird (ToD PSX) Piyo Bird
Placenta (ToD PSX) Placenta
Poison Snake (ToD PSX) Poison Snake
Power Stone (ToD PSX) Power Stone
Priestess (ToD PSX) Priestess
Puropulse (ToD PSX) Puropulse
Quox (ToD PSX) Quox
Ray (ToD PSX) 1 Ray
Red Knight (ToD PSX) Red Knight
Red Roper (ToD PSX) Red Roper (1)
Red Roper (ToD PSX) Red Roper (2)
Red Slime (ToD PSX) Red Slime
Shane Rembrandt (ToD PSX) Rembrandt
Rock Baboon (ToD PSX) Rock Baboon
Rota (ToD PSX) Rota
S. Giant (ToD PSX) S. Giant
Savage (ToD PSX) Savage
Scorpion (ToD PSX) Scorpion
Sea Slug (ToD PSX) Sea Slug
Shadow (ToD PSX) Shadow
Shroom (ToD PSX) Shroom
Silver Dragon (ToD PSX) Silver Dragon
Skeleton (ToD PSX) Skeleton
Slime (ToD PSX) Slime
Smog (ToD PSX) Smog
Snake (ToD PSX) Snake
Soldier (ToD PSX) Soldier
Sorcerer (ToD PSX) Sorcerer
Sorceress (ToD PSX) Sorceress
Specter (ToD PSX) Specter
Sporeshroom (ToD PSX) Sporeshroom
Sprite (ToD PSX) Sprite
Starfish (ToD PSX) Starfish
Stray Monk (ToD PSX) Stray Monk
Thelm (ToD PSX) Thelm
Tiberius Terazzi (ToD PSX) Tiberius
Tortoise (ToD PSX) Tortoise
Trent (ToD PSX) Trent
Tzin (ToD PSX) Tzin
Ultra Kronos (ToD PSX) Ultra Kronos
Viper (ToD PSX) Viper
Vorpal Bunny (ToD PSX) Vorpal Bunny
Vulture (ToD PSX) Vulture
W. Ghost (ToD PSX) W. Ghost
Warfish (ToD PSX) Warfish
Warrior (ToD PSX) Warrior
War Vulture (ToD PSX) War Vulture
Whyte (ToD PSX) Whyte
Will O' Wisp (ToD PSX) 1 Will O' Wisp (1)
Will O' Wisp (ToD PSX) 2 Will O' Wisp (2)
Winged Eye (ToD PSX) Winged Eye
Wisp (ToD PSX) Wisp
Wizard (ToD PSX) 1 Wizard (1)
Wizard (ToD PSX) 2 Wizard (2)
Wolf (ToD PSX) Wolf
Worm (ToD PSX) Worm
Wybern (ToD PSX) Wybern
Yeti (ToD PSX) Yeti
Zombie (ToD PSX) Zombie
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