The following is a list of special items in Tales of Destiny (PSX), sorted alphabetically.

Sacred Texts

Icon Item Name Acquisition Method
Sacred Text 1 (ToD PSX) Sacred Text 1

Chest: Found in Tidal Cave.

Sacred Text 2 (ToD PSX) Sacred Text 2

Event: Obtained by answering at least 35 questions correctly in the quiz game in Armeida.

Sacred Text 3 (ToD PSX) Sacred Text 3

Chest: Found in Lienea.

Sacred Text 4 (ToD PSX) Sacred Text 4

Chest: Found in Swordian R&D Lab.

Sacred Text 5 (ToD PSX) Sacred Text 5

Chest: Found in Heidelberg underground.

Sacred Text 6 (ToD PSX) Sacred Text 6

Chest: Found in Cloudius.

Sacred Text 7 (ToD PSX) Sacred Text 7

Chest: Found in Darilsheid Castle.

Sacred Text 8 (ToD PSX) Sacred Text 8

Chest: Found in Straylize Forest.


Icon Item Name Acquisition Method
Score A (ToD PSX) Score A

Default: Karyl Sheeden begins with this.

Score B (ToD PSX) Score B

Chest: Found in Moreau Castle.

Score C (ToD PSX) Score C

Chest: Found in Deimos.

Score D (ToD PSX) Score D

Chest: Found in Helraios.

Score E (ToD PSX) Score E

Chest: Found in Belcrant.

Score F (ToD PSX) Score F

Chest: Found in Trash Mountain.

Score G (ToD PSX) Score G

Event: Speak to Sakuraba upstairs in the Sheeden Manor after obtaining the Draconis.