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The following is a list of valuable items in Tales of Destiny (PSX), sorted alphabetically.

Icon Item Name Acquisition Method
Belselium (ToD PSX) Belselium

Event: Found at the end of Trash Mountain cave.

Boot Disc (ToD PSX) Boot Disc

Event: Found in the Hidden Temple near Lienea.

Bronze Key (ToD PSX) Bronze Key

Event: Found in Deimos.

  • used to open a door in Deimos
Card Key (ToD PSX) Card Key

Event: Found in Helraios.

Delis Emblem (ToD PSX) Delis Emblem

Event: Obtained by collecting all four Fragments and entering the teleporter.

Egg Item (ToD PSX) Egg

Event: Found after defeating Baruk Songram in Cloudius.

  • after walking into Stahn Aileron's house in Lienea, can begin hatching and grows into the Blue Dragon
Fish (ToD PSX) Fish

Event: Can be obtained from the village pond in Lienea, the "whale" merchant in Neuestadt, or the other fish merchant in Neuestadt.

Food Sack L (ToD PSX) Food Sack L

Event: Given by Lilith Aileron at the beginning of the game's second half.

  • holds up to 20000 food units (in addition to the other two food sacks)
Food Sack M (ToD PSX) Food Sack M

Event: Found in Baruk Songram's house in Cherik.

  • holds up to 2000 food units (in addition to the S food sack)
Food Sack S (ToD PSX) Food Snack S

Event: Available from the start.

  • holds up to 200 food units
Gold Key (ToD PSX) Gold Key

Event: Found in Deimos.

  • used to open a door in Deimos
Horn (ToD PSX) Horn

Event: Given by Marius Raiker in Radisrol.

  • used at any port to call Bernardo the Sea Dragon
ID Card B (ToD PSX) ID Card B

Event: Found in Libra IV.

ID Card R (ToD PSX) ID Card R

Event: Found in Libra IV.

Iron Key (ToD PSX) Iron Key

Event: Found in Deimos.

  • used to open a door in Deimos
Lens (ToD PSX) Lens


  • used to power the Multiplexed Lens Cannon
N/A Passport[1]

Event: Given by the guards after rescuing Rutee Katrea.

  • used to pass through Janos
Pickaxe (ToD PSX) Pickaxe

Event: Found in Radisrol.

  • used to pry open broken doors in Radisrol
Valve Handle (ToD PSX) Valve Handle

Event: Found in Terazzi Castle.

  • used to turn a valve in Terazzi Castle
World Map (ToD PSX) World Map

Event: Given by Hugo Gilchrist in Darilsheid.

  • used to view a map of the world; press "O" in a town to see the inventories of its shops


  1. Actual item available only in the Japanese version of the game.


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