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The following is a list of charms in Tales of Eternia.

Icon Accessory Name Elemental Attributes Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Rune Bottle Acquisition Method
Combo Command (ToE) Combo Command
- - 6000 Step Ring

Event: 10 Lens
Rune Bottle: Step Ring

  • enables fighting game-style command input for artes
  • this accessory can only be equipped by Reid, Farah, Chat, and Max
Technical Ring (ToE) Technical Ring
- - 6000 Step Ring

Event: Lotte in Imen

  • enables direct control over Quickie while guarding
  • this accessory can only be equipped by Meredy
Talisman (ToE) Talisman
- - 8000 -

Drop: Undine

  • increases defense by 5%
Blue Talisman (ToE) Blue Talisman
- - 16000 Warrior Symbol

Chest: Chat's Hut

  • increases defense by 10%
Poison Charm (ToE) Poison Charm
Poison Check
Water 6000 3000 -

Shop: Barole
Chest: Undine Stream

  • prevents the "Poison" status ailment
Freeze Charm (ToE) Freeze Charm
Freeze Check
Ice 20000 10000 -

Shop: Peruti
Chest: Mount Celsius

  • prevents the "Freeze" status ailment
Stun Charm (ToE) Stun Charm
Paraly Check
Lightning 24000 12000 -

Shop: Barole

  • prevents the "Stun" status ailment
Wake Up Charm (ToE) Wake Up Charm
- - 14000 -

Default: Chat
Chest: Ruins of Volt
Drop: Mirage Knight

  • decreases time afflicted by the "Dizzy" status ailment by 50%
Drain Charm (ToE) Drain Charm
Drain Check
Darkness - 18000 -

Chest: Shadow Cave

  • prevents the "Drain" status ailment
Heal Bracelet (ToE) Heal Bracelet
Heal Bangle
- - 12000 Mental Bracelet

Drop: Ras
Rune Bottle: Mental Bracelet

  • recovers 8% of max HP upon defeating an enemy
Mental Bracelet (ToE) Mental Bracelet
Mental Bangle
- - 12000 Heal Bracelet

Drop: Undine, Hyades (Imen)
Rune Bottle: Heal Bracelet

  • recovers 3% of max TP upon defeating an enemy
Canceler (ToE) Canceler
- - 30000 -

Event: Max's Artes

  • enables tiered chaining of gun artes
  • this accessory can only be equipped by Max
Pico Revenge (ToE) Pico Revenge
Pikohan Revenge
- - 25000 -

Event: Chat's Hut

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