The following is a list of crests in Tales of Eternia.

Icon Accessory Name Elemental Attributes Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Rune Bottle Acquisition Method
Warrior Symbol (ToE) Warrior Symbol
Feat Symbol
- - 10000 Blue Talisman

Chest: Mt. Farlos
Rune Bottle: Blue Talisman

  • increases attack power by 10%
Rabbit's Foot (ToE) Rabbit's Foot
Rabbit Symbol
- - 10000 -

Chest: Mine of Gnome
Drop: Rapid Rabbit

  • increases luck by 30%
Holy Symbol (ToE) Holy Symbol
- - 20000 Mental Ring

Drop: Volt
Rune Bottle: Mental Ring

  • periodically restores 5% of max HP
Mystic Symbol (ToE) Mystic Symbol
Misty Symbol
- - 30000 Faerie Ring

Chest: Regulus Knoll
Rune Bottle: Faerie Ring

  • increases casting speed
Krona Symbol (ToE) Krona Symbol
- - 40000 -

Subevent: 50 Lens

  • prevents all status ailments
Demon's Seal (ToE) Demon's Seal
- - 123 -

Chest: Shizel's Castle

  • doubles earned experience
  • inflicts incurable status ailments until the seal is removed
Extreme (ToE) Extreme
- - 26000 -

Subevent: 40 Lens

  • Attack +300, Accuracy +20 Defense -200, Evade -20
Derris Emblem (ToE) Derris Emblem
- - 100000 -

Drop: Sekundes

  • Accuracy +100
  • must be equipped to perform the Blue Earth extension to the Maxwell summon

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