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The following is a list of rings in Tales of Eternia.

Icon Accessory Name Elemental Attributes Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Rune Bottle Acquisition Method
Protect Ring (ToE) Protect Ring
- - 8000 Resist Ring

Drop: Sylph
Rune Bottle: Resist Ring

  • decreases physical damage received by 10%
Force Ring (ToE) Force Ring
- - 24000 Reflect Ring

Drop: Shadow
Rune Bottle: Reflect Ring

  • decreases physical damage received by 20%
Resist Ring (ToE) Resist Ring
All - 14000 Protect Ring

Drop: Celsius. Arachnid
Rune Bottle: Protect Ring

  • decreases magical damage received by 10%
Reflect Ring (ToE) Reflect Ring
All - 24000 Force Ring

Drop: Rem
Rune Bottle: Force Ring

  • decreases magical damage received by 20%
Emerald Ring (ToE) Emerald Ring
- - 24000 -

Chest: Mt. Farlos, Chat's Hut

  • decreases TP consumption by 1/3
Faerie Ring (ToE) Faerie Ring
- - 48000 Mystic Symbol

Drop: Maxwell, Spiral
Rune Bottle: Mystic Symbol

  • reduces TP consumption by 1/2
Mental Ring (ToE) Mental Ring
- - 20000 Holy Symbol

Chest: Sylph Cavern
Rune Bottle: Holy Symbol

  • periodically restores 1% of max TP in battle
Reviverser (ToE) Reviverser
- - 32000 -

Drop: Medusa

  • further reduces damage with well-timed guarding
Step Ring (ToE) Step Ring
- - 6000 Combo Command

Event: Chamballoon Challenge
Rune Bottle: Combo Command, Technical Ring

  • enables the "Backstep" action with by pressing ↓ + "Defend" button
  • this action allows the character to jump backward by a short distance
Resume Ring (ToE) Resume Ring
- - 10 -

Auction: 5000 Jini

  • periodically restores 1% of max TP in battle
  • chance to automatically revive the wearer at a rate of [Luck / 200]

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