The following is a list of circlets in Tales of Eternia, organized in order of ascending Defense value. With the exception of Reid Hershel's "Cress' Bandana", only Keele Zeibel and Ras can equip circlets.

Icon Weapon Name Defense Evade Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Acquisition Method
Cress' Bandana (ToE) Cress' Bandana
Cress no Bandana
0 20 - -

Drop: Cress Albain

  • Accuracy +10, Time resistance +20, only equippable by Reid
Circlet (ToE) Circlet
1 0 760 380

Shop: Inferia City

  • Intelligence +4
Gold Circlet (ToE) Gold Circlet
Gold Crest
2 0 3560 1780

Shop: Chambard

  • Intelligence +8
Mythril Circlet (ToE) Mythril Circlet
Mythril Crest
3 0 - 4000

Chest: Mine of Gnome

  • Intelligence +12
Holy Circlet (ToE) Holy Circlet
Holy Crest
4 0 - 28000

Chest: Shadow Cave

  • Intelligence +18, Luck +5, restores 5% HP every 8 seconds
Star Circlet (ToE) Star Circlet
5 0 - 32000

Subevent: Nereid's Labyrinth, second floor

  • Intelligence +24


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