The following is a list of mittens in Tales of Eternia, organized in order of ascending Defense value. Farah Oersted, Meredy, and Chat can equip mittens.

Icon Weapon Name Defense Evade Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Acquisition Method
Kitchen Mitten (ToE) Kitchen Mitten
5 5 3560 1780

Shop: Chambard

  • Fire resistance +30
Pretty Mitten (ToE) Pretty Mitten
9 2 14800 7400

Shop: Tinnsia

  • Luck +10
Lovely Mitten (ToE) Lovely Mitten
12 5 - 17000

Drop: Stronghorn

  • Luck +3, Light and Dark resistance +20
Cute Mitten (ToE) Cute Mitten
Cutie Mitten
15 5 - 20000

Chest: Sunken Ship

  • Accuracy +5, Luck +5, restores 5% of maximum HP every 8 seconds


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