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The following is a list of valuable items in Tales of Eternia, sorted alphabetically.

Icon Item Name Acquisition Method
Boarding Pass (ToE) Boarding Pass

Event: Given by Roen Lamoa when leaving Inferia Castle.

Celesea Map (ToE) Celesea Map

Event: Bought from man in Jini.

  • provides a map of Celestia's underwater contours
Celestia Map (ToE) Celestia Map

Event: Given by Guston in Peruti after thawing the city.

Collector's Book (ToE) Collector's Book

Event: Obtained from the upper floor bookshelf of the Elder's house in Rasheans.

  • shows items collected throughout the game
Dark Sphere (ToE) Dark Sphere

Chest: Obtained in Shizel's Castle.

Freeze Ring (ToE) Freeze Ring

Event: Given by Celsius at Mt. Celsius.

  • shoots bolts of ice
Galaxy Stone (ToE) Galaxy Stone

Event: Collected from underground Regulus Knoll.

  • used to fashion giant Lens

Event: Given by Chat while hunting for the Seyfert shrines.

  • shows latitude and longitude coordinates on the World Map
Inferia Map (ToE) Inferia Map

Event: Given by Mazet in Inferia Castle.

Insea Map (ToE) Insea Map

Chest: Obtained in the Sunken Ship.

  • provides a map of Inferia's underwater contours
Light Sphere (ToE) Light Sphere

Event: Obtained by completing the Tomb of Aifread.

Manual (ToE) Manual

Event: Obtained by switching to "Manual" mode when prompted by the monk in Regulus Dojo.

  • unlocks "Manual" control mode when received
Miacis Badge (ToE) Miacis Badge

Event: Given by Guston when leaving Peruti.

  • identifies the player as a Shileska member
Monster Collection (ToE) Monster Collection

Event: Obtained by speaking to Mazet in Morle once more before leaving for Undine Stream.

  • displays stats of monsters encountered
Orz Earring (ToE) Orz Earring

Event: Given by Mazet in Morle.

S.D. (ToE) S.D.

Event: Obtained by completing the Glimmer Spire sidequest and searching Hideout 1 in Celestia (underwater 57, 112).

Seyfert Key (ToE) Seyfert Key

Event: Given by Ras in Balir Castle.

Sorcerer's Ring (ToE) Sorcerer's Ring

Event: Given by Rem after defeating Efreet.

  • shoots bolts of fire
Train Cage (ToE) Train Cage

Event: Obtained from Imen's weapon shop after visiting Imen Station's train.

  • powers the Craymel Train

Event: Given by Meredy in the Mine of Gnome after going down the lift.

  • allows the player to play the WHIS card game


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