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The following is a list of guns in Tales of Eternia, organized in order of ascending Attack value. Only Max can equip guns.

Icon Weapon Name Attack Accuracy Elemental Attributes Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Acquisition Method
Assault Shot (ToE) Assault Shot
485 0 - - 5400

Default Equipment: Max

Plasma Cannon (ToE) Plasma Cannon
525 0 Lightning - 15000

Subevent: Shileska weapon development, 40000 gald

Grand Magnum (ToE) Grand Magnum
Gran Magnum
610 0 - - 20000

Subevent: Shileska weapon development, 80000 gald

Impulse Cannon (ToE) Impulse Cannon
700 0 - - 26000

Subevent: Shileska weapon development, 160000 gald

  • may knock back the enemy
Photon Ray (ToE) Photon Ray
Photon Erase
840 0 - - 32000

Subevent: Shileska weapon development, 320000 gald

  • may reduce defense of the enemy
Mega Launcher (ToE) Mega Launcher
955 0 - - 74000

Subevent: Shileska weapon development, 640000 gald

  • may stun the enemy


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