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The following is a list of rods and maces in Tales of Eternia, organized in order of ascending Attack value. Only Keele Zeibel can equip rods and maces.

Icon Weapon Name Attack Accuracy Elemental Attributes Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Acquisition Method
Rod (ToE) Rod
40 0 - - 200

Default Equipment: Keele

Mace (ToE) Mace
110 0 - 1200 600

Shop: Barole

Gem Rod (ToE) Gem Rod
200 0 - 3200 1600

Shop: Chambard

Ruby Wand (ToE) Ruby Wand
260 0 - 7200 3600

Shop: Imen

Skull Staff (ToE) Skull Staff
380 0 - 11200 5600

Shop: Peruti

  • Intelligence +5, Luck -10, may reduce intelligence of the enemy
Holy Staff (ToE) Holy Staff
480 0 Light - 16800

Chest: Ruins of Volt

  • Luck +8, periodically restores 4% of maximum HP
Star Mace (ToE) Star Mace
650 0 Elemental - 28000

Drop: Beast Ogre

  • Intelligence +5, Luck +5
Crystal Rod (ToE) Crystal Rod
BC Rod
740 0 - - 37500

Chest: Glimmer Spire

  • periodically restores 1% of maximum TP


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