The following is a list of tools (道具 dougu?) in the PlayStation, Full Voice Edition, and iOS releases of Tales of Phantasia, organized in the order that they appear within the "Collector's Book". All elements exclusive to the PlayStation and Full Voice Editions releases are highlighted with a gray background.

Accessory Name Rune Bottle Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Acquisition Method
026 World Map
- - -

Event: Talk to Lenios in Belladem.

  • opens the World Map screen
  • this item is not consumed on use
027 Analysis Orb
Scout Orb
- - -

Future Chests: Morlia Mineshaft

  • enables the ability to set the encounter rate to low, normal, or high
  • this item is not consumed on use
028 Hourglass
Chronoglass -  ?

Present Chests: Catacombs
Past Chests: Forest of Spirits, Morlia Mineshaft, Treantwood, Dhaos's Castle
Future Chests: Miguel, Morlia Mineshaft, Dhaos's Castle
Drop: Archbishop
Event: Ifreed's quest, island southeast of Midgards

  • stops all enemy action for a fixed period of time
029 Chronoglass
- -  ?

Rune Bottle: Hourglass

  • stops all enemy action for a fixed period of time
030 Combo Counter
- -  ?

Past Chests: Morlia Mineshaft

  • adds an option to display the combo counter on screen in battle through possession
  • provides bonus experience based on highest combo in battle
031 Magic Lens
- 10 5

Present Shops: Toltus, Euclid, Morrison's Home
Past Shops: Belladem, Euclid, Hamel, Venezia, Alvanista, Olive, Elf Colony, Midgards
Future Shops: Miguel, Morrison's Home, Euclid, Venezia, Alvanista, Elf Colony, Olive, Friezkiel, Arlee, Morlia Mineshaft
Present Chests: Toltus
Past Chests: Dock northeast of Belladem, Lone Valley, Demitel's Mansion, Limestone Cave, Treantwood, Tower of the Zodiac
Future Chests: Dhaos's Castle, Morlia Mineshaft
Drop: Anaconda, Winged Devil, King Cobra, Clay Demon, Jackal, Desert Fly, Dragon Fly, Nebiros, Bodach, Boggart, Boggle,
Lizard Fly, Lizardman
Event: Magic Pouch and Mystic Pouch random item

  • displays and records enemy information during battle
032 Pickaxe
- 150 75

Past Shops: Hamel, Venezia, Alvanista

  • enables the ability to break weak walls in dungeons through possession
033 Magical Rouge
- -  ?

Event: Complete the Euclid Battle Tournament for the seventh time.

  • decreases purchase price of items in a shop by 10% for one session
  • this item is not consumed on use
034 Red Lantern
- -  ?

Future Chest: Morlia Mineshaft

  • tints the screen a red color in certain dungeon rooms
  • this item is not consumed on use
035 Green Torch
- -  ?

Event: Ifreed's quest, shore north of Midgards

  • tints the screen a green color in certain dungeon rooms
  • this item is not consumed on use
036 Blue Candle
- -  ?

Event: Ifreed's quest, island northeast of Cavern of Spirits

  • tints the screen a blue color in certain dungeon rooms
  • this item is not consumed on use
037 Rope
- 100 50

Past Shops: Hamel, Venezia, Alvanista
Present Shops: Ninja Village

  • enables the ability to attach rope at certain locations through possession
038 Drum Set
- -  ?


- Search the bed in Morrison's Home (future timeline)
- Ifreed's quest, island northwest of Olive
  • enables the ability to play the drums
  • this item is not consumed on use
039 Magic Tablet
- - -

Event: Trade an "Ivory" trade item at Gheeth's Shop for one to three.

  • inflicts a random amount of damage based on the Mahjong hand dealt
040 Monster List
Monster Zukan
- - -

Event: Wake up in Morrison's Home after escaping the Aqueducts.

  • enables the ability to view the Monster List
  • this item is not consumed on use
041 Collector's Bk.
Collector Zukan
- - -

Event: Recruit Claus in Euclid

  • enables the ability to view the Collector's Book
  • this item is not consumed on use
042 Ticket
- - -

Event: Spend at least 2001 Gald in the item shop in Alvanista (future timeline, before recruiting Suzu)

  • allows attendance at a concert in Alvanista's Adventurer's Guild


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