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The following is a list of end-game bonuses that can be carried into a new consecutive playthrough in Tales of the Abyss. Instead of using Gald, all options are purchased with Grade, which is obtained or lost at the end of battle, based on performance.

Option Name Purchase Price (Grade) Function
Increase Over Limit 450
  • Increase the speed at which the Over Limit gauge fills up.
Play Time 10
  • Inherit game play time.
20 Items 400
  • Possess up to 20 of each item.
Gald 1000
  • Inherit Gald in possession.
Recipes 50
  • Inherit recipes in possession.
Cooking Ability 50
  • Inherit current cooking ability.
Titles 500
  • Inherit titles in possession.
Character Disc 10
  • Inherit information on the Character Disc.
Collector's Book 10
  • Inherit information in the Collector's Book.
World Map 10
  • Inherit town and dungeon information on the World Map.
Mini-Games 10
  • Inherit data from the mini-games.
Battle Info 10
  • Inherit data for encounters and maximum combos.
Artes 1000
  • Inherit Artes in possession.
Arte Usage 100
  • Inherit usage data for all Artes.
Increase HP 250
  • Start the game with maximum HP for all characters increased by 500.
  • Cannot be used with “Decrease HP.”
Decrease HP 10
  • Start the game with maximum HP for all characters decreased by 150.
  • Cannot be used with “Increase HP.”
Combos 50
  • Set earned regular exp. value to 1, and increase combo bonus.
  • Cannot be used with “1/2 Experience,” "2x Experience," or “10x Experience.”
1/2 Experience 10
  • Earn half the normal exp. in battle.
  • Cannot be used with “Combos,” "2x Experience," or “10x Experience.”
2x Experience 1000
  • Earn twice the normal exp. in battle.
  • Cannot be used with "Combos," “1/2 Experience,” or “10x Experience.”
10x Experience 3000
  • Earn 10 times the normal exp. in battle.
  • Cannot be used with "Combos," “1/2 Experience,” or "2x Experience."
Grade 100
  • Set grade bonuses and deductions to twice their normal value.
FS Chambers 150
  • Inherit FS Chambers at their current level.
AD Skills 900
  • Inherit AD Skills in possession.
Capacity Cores 500
  • Inherit Capacity Cores in possession.
2x Gald 600
  • Earn twice the normal Gald in battle.
Items 500
  • Inherit consumable items in possession.
Synopsis 10
  • Display the complete synopsis.
Special Items 10
  • Inherit special items in possession.


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