Title Effect Requirements
Kimlascan Princess
Kimlasca Oujo
  • heals 2% TP every 15 seconds while standing still
  • default title
False Princess
Itsuwari no Hime
  • cures paralysis after 15 seconds of standing still
  • storyline title
Child of Lanvaldear
Lanvaldear no Ko
  • heals 2% HP every 15 seconds while moving
  • storyline title
Popular Princess
Motemote Princess
  • cures stone after 15 seconds of standing still
  • storyline title
Curious Princess
Mitemita Girl
  • 80% chance of getting Rank 2 items from Search Points
  • make 5 trades with Din
Star of Malkuth
Malkuth no Hoshi
  • 80% chance of getting Rank 3 items from Search Points
  • changes costume
  • at Nam Cobanda Isle, from the circular path, go left to the next screen
  • talk to Kowz
  • go to Yulia City, into the central building, middle entrance of first floor$mdash;Yutan
  • go to Port Baticul to find Misika there
  • enter Engeve from south
  • go to Cheagle Woods
  • go to Misika in Port Baticul
Labyrinth Princess
Labyrinth Girl
  • 80% chance of getting Rank 4 items from Search Points
  • clear the fifth floor of labyrinth as Natalia in the Keterburg minigame
Imperial Will
Will Imperial
  • changes costume
  • given by Emperor Peony in Grand Chokmah after you have viewed all scenes before the last one in Eldrant
Tropical Butterfly
Nangoku no Chou
  • changes costume
  • find all of Peony's rappigs in a sidequest
  • go to the Keterberg spa
Calamity Chef
  • increase cooking success rate by 5%
  • master all recipes with Natalia
  • go to Keterberg Hotel second floor
  • speak to the man next to the elevator as Natalia
Abyss Green
  • changes costume
  • in the room before Emperor Peony's room full of rappigs
  • 2nd playthrough onward
Coliseum Princess
  • +2 Overlimit point every 15 seconds while moving
  • beat Advanced Singles Match in Batical Coliseum as Natalia
Beloved Princess
Aikoku Hime
  • prevents search point effect loss
  • changes costume
  • complete Ant Lion Man, Yulia City Items, Engeve's Defense, Hard Worker, and Financial Investor
  • must have talked to Astor in his mansion in the middle of Chesedonia
  • go to Baticul Inn
Adventurous Princess
Man'yuu Boukenjou
  • 80% chance of getting Rank 5 items from Search Points
  • changes costume
  • find all Search Points
  • equip Natalia with "Curious Princess" title
  • talk to Din as Natalia


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