The following is a list of all strategy options that are available in Tales of the Abyss. All options are sorted into five different categories based on their function, determining the general actions and behavior traits the AI-controlled characters will follow during battle.

Strategy (作戦 - Sakusen)

Target (攻撃対象 - Kougeki Taishou - "Attack Target")

Option Name Users Effects
Nearby enemies all
  • attacks nearest enemy
Distant enemies all
  • attacks furthest enemy
Different enemy all
  • attacks different enemy from the player
Same enemy all
  • attacks the same enemy as the player
Weak enemies all
  • attacks enemes with the least HP
Strong enemies all
  • attacks enemies with the most HP
Help allies all
  • defends party members with the least HP
Flying enemies all
  • attacks flying enemies
Arte users all
  • attacks arte-using enemies

TP (TP消費 - TP Shouhi - "TP Usage")

Option Name Users Effects
Use 100% all
  • uses artes until TP is depleted
Use 75% all
  • does not let TP drop below 25%
Use 50% all
  • does not let TP drop below 50%
Use 25% all
  • does not let TP frop below 75%
Do not use all
  • does not use artes

Action (移動 - Idou)

Option Name Users Effects
Normal all
  • keeps distance and attacks
Guard all
  • defends
Artes only all
  • uses artes only
Strike Artes Tear
  • mainly uses strike artes
Fonic Artes Tear
  • mainly uses fonic artes
Heal Tear
  • heals party members
Assist Tear
  • enhances party using fonic artes

Items (アイテム)

Option Name Users Effects
Do not use all
  • does not use items
Watch HP all
  • uses items when HP is low
Watch TP all
  • uses items when TP is low
Condition all
  • uses items when conditions change
Up to you all
  • uses items freely


Option Name Users Effects
Use it all
  • uses OL freely
Near enemy all
  • uses OL near enemy
Far from enemy all
  • uses OL from a distance
Save it all
  • uses OL when HP is low
Do not use all
  • does not use OL


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