Emil Skit (TotH-TB)
This article is based on data from a Japanese-only game.
The following content has not been released in the English language, so details are subject to change at any given time.

The following is a list of weapons used by Emil Castagnier in Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave.

Weapon Name ATK
Purchase Price (Gald) Requirements
Bronze Sword SR
300 450 -
  • default equipment
Small Sword SR
350 500 7000
  • reach level 1
Long Sword SR
400 600 20000
  • reach level 25
Demonic Torment
450 650 50000
  • reach level 35
  • HIT +1
Soul Blast
500  ? 100000
  • reach level 45
  • Iron Stance +1
Nether Traitor
550  ? 150000
  • reach level 65
  • HP +2000
Mesmeric Trance
400  ? 8760
  • download from the link site[1]
  • increase time combo lasts by 0.2 seconds

100 300 7650
  • attain a combined level of at least 200 on all of Emil's weapons
  • increases the rate at which the Overlimits gauge fills


  1. The link site was a section of the official site that required a "BaNaFes! Town" account to access its materials.
    This option is no longer available - the link site for this game has been taken offline as of February 28, 2013.


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