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The following is a list of ★2 weapons in Tales of the Rays. Due to the mobile, online nature of the game, this page may not be complete due to limited edition items or items added in future releases. All ★2 weapons come with an initial 2 CC, upgrading to 4 CC after undergoing Limit Break three times. Unlike ★4 and ★3 weapons, ★2 weapons do not have artes attached to them and only serve as a stats boost for a character when equipped. All ★2 weapons do not have character limitations.

Weapon Name P.ATK A.ATK
Min Max Min Max
ベシュソード 26  ?? 2  ??
16  ?? 10  ??
Hunter Bow
24  ?? 4  ??
Rapid Bow
14  ?? 13  ??
26  ?? 1  ??