The Tower of Druaga (ドルアーガの塔 Doruaaga no Tou?) is the EX Dungeon of the PlayStation release of Tales of Destiny, as well as of Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3. It is based on The Tower of Druaga, a maze-based action role-playing arcade game released by Namco in 1984.


Tales of Destiny (PSX)

Druaga (ToD PSX)

In order to access the dungeon, the player must acquire three rods: BC Rod, GC Rod, and RC Rod. Then, by venturing to the temple near Janos where Rutee Katrea was rescued at the beginning of the game, the player may use the three rods to open the door to the dungeon. Inside, different rules are applied when compared to other locations. For example, there are no random encounters, no save points, and battles cannot be escaped. Walls can be broken down by pressing "Circle" (PlayStation Circle Button) next to them. As a whole, the dungeon is comprised of 60 floors, and to progress from floor to floor, the player must find a key, with the layout of each floor being randomly generated. In order to leave the dungeon, the player must use the "Winged Boots" item, which will reset the player's progress. Traversing backward (back down) through the dungeon is not allowed.

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3

Druaga Sprite (TotW-ND3)

In order to access the dungeon, Julio Sven must be equipped with the "Gil" costume, which is based on the hero and player character of the original game. The player must then speak with Paula, which prompts the group to rest for the night. Julio dreams about taking the place of the legendary hero Gilgamesh, climbing the tower to rescue the priestess Ki and defeat the demon Druaga, though Caro Orange intrudes on this dream. This tower is only 10 floors tall, but the original 60 floors are referenced by the 60-turn limit each floor allows to find the key to the next floor. In homage to the original game, each floor also has secret bonuses available through secret and sometimes arcane methods. A team consisting of only Julio and Caro is allowed in this dungeon, and Julio must be equipped with the "Gil" costume the entire time or the party will be expelled from the dungeon.


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