Trick Trick (ToV)

Trick Trick as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Trick Trick (トリックトリック Torikkutorikku?) is a base arte used exclusively by Patty Fleur in the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

Upon activation, Patty will place a box in front of her, and a random object will come out, each having their own effects. These objects include a hammer, Tokunaga from Tales of the Abyss, a boxing glove, or nothing at all. The hammer's box is visibly larger than the other boxes and takes longer to execute.

  • Hammer: A large mallet crushes and knocks down the target with a 50% chance to inflict the "Stun" status ailment. The move can also break the target's guard. If the "Gambler's Soul" skill is equipped, 25% more damage and "Stun" is guaranteed.
  • Tokunaga: Tokunaga emerges and performs a spinning attack.
  • Boxing Glove: A spring-loaded boxing glove uppercuts the target into the air.

The range of objects that emerge depend on the form Patty is currently in.

  • Normal Form: All possible objects.
  • Advance Form: Tokunaga only.
  • Brainel Form: Tokunaga only, and Patty will slide the box forward.
  • Critical Form: All possible objects.

If Patty uses this arte with the "Crucible" skill equipped, she will instead use the altered arte Trick or Treat.


Mothership Titles

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