Trigger Tune (トリガーチューン Torigaachuun?) is an altered arte of Variable Trigger used exclusively by Patty Fleur from the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

Upon activation, Patty will shoot her target in various ways depending on her current form.

  • Normal Form: Patty twirls her gun and shoots the target three times.
  • Advance Form: Patty fires three close-ranged blasts, each hitting three times for a total of nine hits, that lift the target.
  • Brainel Form: Patty jumps into the air and fires at the ground at a 45-degree angle three times.
  • Critical Form: Patty twirls around on one foot while shooting randomly in all directions. Holding the "Guard" button makes her continue spinning and shooting while rapidly depleting her TP.

Patty uses this arte instead when she uses Variable Trigger with the "Chain" skill equipped. After 100 uses, Patty can use the arte without needing the skill equipped.


Mothership Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Vesperia (PS3)

Japanese Quote: 喰らえ!
Romanized Quote: Kurae!
Translated Quote: "Eat this!"

If Patty continues to spin for a while:
Japanese Quote: 目が回るのじゃ...
Romanized Quote: Me ga mawaru no ja...
Translated Quote: "My eyes are spinning..."

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