Ultimate Elements (ToV)

Ultimate Elements as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Ultima Elementia (アルティメットエレメンツ Arutimettoerementsu?, "Ultimate Elements") is the second mystic arte used by Estelle, available only in the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia, and the dual mystic arte of Sorey and Rose in Tales of Zestiria.

Arte Description and History

After gathering all four of the Spirits, Ultimate Elements can be activated by Estelle once she has used all of her burst artes at least 20 times each, with the exception of the unnamed burst arte that requires her joke weapon. Once this condition has been met, the mystic arte can be used by holding the "Attack" and "Artes" buttons during any arcane, altered, or burst arte if Estelle is at Over Limit level 4. Once activated, the background changes, and Efreet, Gnome, Sylph, and Undine appear from within Estelle as colored wisps of red, brown, green, and blue, respectively, rising high into the sky.

Efreet is summoned into physical form, sending a cascade of spiraling flames onto the battlefield. Gnome follows immediately afterward, causing an earthquake below the flames before entrapping enemies in a huge rock that is launched into the sky before exploding to cause damage. Sylph materializes after Gnome, creating a massive tornado to catch the falling enemies in a spiral before being thrown to the ground. Undine appears last, sending a giant tidal wave across the field, rotating the view of the battlefield as the waves pass through. Finally, Estelle shines in the sky as the power of the Spirits re-enter her body, then, after declaring the name of her attack, she shoots from the sky to thrust into the targeted enemy, encasing them in a stylized sphere. The screen zooms in, and the sphere explodes, damaging the enemies one last time. The background then fades, and Estelle floats back down to the ground.

In Tales of Zestiria, the arte is executed differently. First, Sorey slashes through the enemy and is followed by another slash performed the opposite way by Rose. Then, the two slash their enemy diagonally, creating colorful, cross-shaped slashes: the first is red and burning, the second is yellow with rocks crashing, the third is green and conjures a whirlwind, and the fourth is blue and creates a tide. Afterward, the two briefly grab each other's hands and point their weapons at the enemy: Sorey with his sword in his right hand and Rose her dagger in her left hand. The arte finishes with a burst of energy from an ornamented, cyan-colored sphere. The order of elements reflects the order in which the party's mystic artes must be triggered for Ultima Elementia's activation.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Vesperia

Japanese Quote:

Estelle: 理の根源、具現せよ!
Efreet: 峻烈の炎!
Sylph: 非情なる疾風!
Undine: 猛り立つ怒涛!
Estelle: 万感の想い、放たん・・・アルティメット、エレメンツ!! ・・・・・・これが世界の理です[1]

Romanized Quote:

Estelle: Kotowari no kongen, kugen se yo!
Efreet: Shunretsu no honoo!
Sylph: Hijou naru shippuu!
Undine: Takeritatsu dotou!
Estelle: Bankan no omoi, hanatan... Arutimetto, Erementsu!!... Kore ga sekai no kotowari desu.

Translated Quote:

Estelle: "O origin of truth, come forth!"
Efreet: "Blazing flames!"
Sylph: "Merciless gale!"
Undine: "Raging waves!"
Estelle: "A flood of emotions, let loose... Ultimate, Elements!!... This is the truth of the world."


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