Ultra Punishing Heat (ToV)

Ultra Punishing Heat as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Ultra Punishing Swing (超牙旋滅スウィング Chougasenmetsu Swingu?, "Chougasenmetsu Swing") is a burst arte used by Karol Capel in Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

Once activated, Ultra Punishing Swing consists of a series of spinning hits followed by an upward swing that launches the enemy. As with most of the playable characters' burst artes, it comes with four altered artes: Fire though the passive skills "Hell Fire" and "Chain", Earth through "Athenor" and "Crucible", Wind through "Gale" and "Alembic", and Water through "Great Deluge" and "Dispersion". The altered artes consist of the following:

  • Fire: Ultra Punishing Heat (超牙旋滅ヒート Chougasenmetsu Hiito?, "Chougasenmetsu Heat"), which involves Karol raising his weapon after the spin, releasing bursts of flames and fireballs around him. Each additional level adds two additional fireballs.
  • Earth: Ultra Punishing Crush (超牙旋滅クラッシュ Chougasenmetsu Kurasshu?, "Chougasenmetsu Crush"), which involves Karol spinning only once before he slams his weapon down, sending a stalagmite to travel in front of him. Each additional level extends the size of the stalagmite and the distance traveled.
  • Wind: Ultra Punishing Typhoon (超牙旋滅タイフーン Chougasenmetsu Taifuun?, "Chougasenmetsu Typhoon"), which involves Karol surrounding himself with a gale, sending nearby enemies into the air. Each additional level increases the gale's size and the duration of the arte.
  • Water: Ultra Punishing Soul (超牙旋滅ソウル Chougasenmetsu Souru?, "Chougasenmetsu Soul"), which involves Karol spinning and slamming his weapon down, creating a green glyph around him that heals himself and his allies. Each additional level increases the area covered by the glyph.


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes


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