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The Van Eltia (バンエルティア号 Ban'erutia-gou?, "Sign of Wealth") is the primary ship used in Tales of Eternia.


Van Eltia

The Van Eltia after its first upgrade.

Manufactured during the Melnics era, the Van Eltia represents one of the Seven Treasures of Celestia. It is famous for having been the Great Pirate Aifread's flagship, and is currently owned by Chat, his great-granddaughter. According to Chat, the Van Eltia runs on an engine that is a "43 model, 12 cylinder, horizontally-aligned Craymel Engine designed by the legendary Craymel Mage, Maxton. 8,000 zaks maximum revolutions. With the super-charger, it kicks out a peak torque of 28,000 este."

Upon first meeting Chat, she asks the party to become her deck hands, and they grudgingly accept due to their need of a seafaring vessel. From that point, it is used as the main means of transportation in the game and is necessary not only to reach many locations, but later on, to travel between Inferia and Celestia.

As the story progresses, the Van Eltia is upgraded to provide unique functions, the most notable being the Aibirds and the Aifish, along with an observation deck and customizable cabins. Each cabin can be converted into an item shop, a game room, an inn, or an infirmary. Customizing the ship can be done at either the Port of Inferia or Tinnsia and costs hundreds of thousands of Gald. In preparation for the attack on Balir Castle, it is also installed with the Craymel Cannon.


  • Van Eltia is based on the Celestian word BANERUTIA, meaning wealth.

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