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This article contains contents that are not localized in North America or Europe.
The following contents have not been released in the English language and are based on data from the Japanese version of this game. Details are subject to change at any given time.
Velvet Crowe

Velvet Artwork

Velvet Model Render

Young Velvet

Game Tales of Berseria
Age 19
Height 170 cm
Race Human/Daemon
Occupation Pirate
Weapon Gauntlet Blade
Japanese Voice Actor Rina Satou
English Voice Actor Cristina Vee (ToZtX)[1]
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Velvet Crowe (ベルベット・クラウ Berubetto Kurau?) is the central protagonist in Tales of Berseria. Originally kind and family-oriented, the events of the Scarlet Night three years prior to the events of the story turned her into an angry woman fueled by vengeance.


Several years before the story, Velvet had a warm and happy life, living with her older sister Celica, younger brother Laphicet, and brother-in-law Arthur. During one of the Scarlet Nights, her village was attacked by Daemons, and her older sister was killed, leaving Velvet to take care of Laphicet together with Arthur.

Three years before the story, on another Scarlet Night, she watched her younger brother killed by their brother-in-law to become a sacrifice. In her failed attempt to save her younger brother, her left arm became infused with her anger and hatred, becoming Daemon-like in the process. Seeing Velvet's ability to devour Daemons with her left arm, Arthur captured and imprisoned her, where she was continuously supplied with Daemons to be devoured. Following the event, Arthur became known as Artorius Collbrande and was hailed as a hero.

After three years of imprisonment, Velvet escapes with the help of Seres, a Malak woman who once served under Artorius, and another inmate, Rokurou Rangetsu. Driven by revenge, she stands against the Abbey and their Exorcists.

Appearance and Personality

Velvet has long, messy black hair. She dresses in dark colors and tattered clothing, and her left arm is perpetually bandaged. She used to be a kind, loving woman, but the massacre of her loved ones turned her standoffish and driven by hatred. Despite this, Laphicet manages to draw out some of her old self.

Fighting Style

Velvet fights up-close and personal, utilizing her legs in martial artes performing swift kicks, while relying on her gauntlet blade in hidden artes to perform vicious stabbing attacks. The elemental properties on her hidden artes are wel-suited for performing weak point combos. Her Break Soul is Consuming Claw that causes Velvet to be therionized resulting in unleashing the power of her left arm. She gains certain buffs depending on the type of enemy she strikes and enables her to unleash a special arte. Her health constantly decreases in this state, but she also deals more damage in proportion to the amount of health she loses. Her mystic artes are Lethal Pain (リーサル・ペイン Riisaru Pein?), Zeppa Messhougeki (絶破滅衝撃?), and Impulse Desire (インパルス・ディザイア Inparusu Dizaia?), and she has a dual mystic arte with Laphicet known as Innumerable Wound (イニュメラブル・ワウンド Inyumeraburu Waundo?).


Velvet Status (ToB).jpg
Status image in Tales of Berseria. 
Velvet Cut-in (ToB).jpg
Cut-in image for Tales of Berseria. 
Velvet BS Render.jpg


  • Velvet is the first solo female protagonist in the Tales series.
  • Velvet's cameo costume in Tales of Berseria is based on Rutee Katrea's Tales of Destiny appearance.
  • Velvet is allergic to cats. In a skit, she avoids going to Katz Corner in order to conceal her allergies, which results in her sneezing.


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