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Vila Czarheit
Vila Artwork (ToM-ToW)
Game Tales of Mobile: Tales of Wahrheit
Age 16
Height 159 cm
Weight 48 kg
Race Human
Weapon Broom
Japanese Voice Actor Minako Inagaki
Character Designer Yuu Shiina

Vila Czarheit (ヴィラ・ツァールハイト Vira Tsaaruhaito?) is a protagonist in Tales of Mobile: Tales of Wahrheit.

Appearance and Personality

Vila dons teal and orange garments accompanied by a witch-like hat. She has fair skin, blue eyes, and long blond hair.

Fighting Style

Vila fights in battle with a broom as her weapon and has access to a spell of each element. She is also capable of healing, curing status ailments, and resurrecting party members from the dead.


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