Virginia Sage
Game Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Heimdall
Residences Exire
Race Elf

Virginia Sage (バージニア・セイジ Baajinia Seiji?) is the mother of Genis and Raine Sage from Tales of Symphonia.



Several years prior to the events of the story, Virginia lived in Heimdall, village of the elves, when she met and married Kloitz Sage (クロイツ・セイジ Kuroitsu Seiji?), a human who was sent on a mission to Heimdall from Meltokio. She had two children with Kloitz: Raine and Genis. The family was exiled from Heimdall after an incident with another half-elf living there. The Imperial Research Academy was also after Raine, and possibly Genis, due to their high intelligence; to keep them from taking them, the family was forced to travel. While they were traveling, Raine fell off a ship and developed a fear of water. Eventually, Virginia decided to send her children through the Otherworldly Gate to the "Fabled Land of Sylvarant". Shortly afterward, she and Kloitz collapsed in the Ymir Forest while returning to Heimdall, and were found by the Elder of Exire. Kloitz died in Exire, and Virginia became unstable with grief.

Role in the Plot

Raine discovers that her mother is living in Exire and wishes to visit her, but when the party arrives, they found Virginia in a disturbed state. She holds a baby doll and calls it "Raine'", then claims she is expecting a child she intends to name "Genis". Delusional from the trauma of abandoning her children and losing her husband, Virginia becomes permanently stuck in her past. The Elder of Exire gives Raine and Genis the diary Virginia kept, and the two discover her true intentions for sending them to Sylvarant. However, when the party returns to Virginia's house, she is no longer there, and a nearby citizen claims she fled believing someone was chasing her. She also appears as an illusion created by Mithos in Welgaia during the second visit, representing Raine's weakness of heart.

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